Can a fitness YouTuber survive an Olympic fencer’s workout? | Hitting the Wall

Hey, my name’s Brandon White. I’m a YouTube influencer
in the fitness world, and I’m here to take
on an Olympian. But I’ve heard
he’s just a fencer, so it shouldn’t be that tough. He’s standing behind me,
isn’t he? Does he have a sword on him? En garde. Prêts. Allez. Come on, catch me, catch me. I’m here in Shanghai. And me being on the West Coast, we decided to meet
somewhere in between and that place is going
to be Manhattan. I will be in this plane
for 15 hours, and then I will land
in New York. Looks like you brought
a sword to a gun fight, bro. – OK, this is my gun.
– Oh, yeah? It looks like a sword. Not even a sword.
What is that, a toothpick? I’m going to pick
my teeth with it. OK, OK, I can brush
your teeth with that. All right, whoa, OK, no. TRANSLATION: Hey, everyone,
this is Enzo Lefort, I’m 25 and I’ve been fencing
for 20 years. I’m team world champion
and two-time European champion. I also finished third at the
individual world championship. I competed in the Olympic Games
in London and now I’m training for Rio. Oh, wait, I can do that
in English if you want to. So Enzo, how does one
get into fencing? Like, how does it start? Yeah, actually,
I was five years old, and I loved this
famous French champion, and she’s from the same
island as me, Guadeloupe, and then she won
the gold medal at Atlanta. So I say to my parents,
like, “OK, I want to do that.” Yeah, what’d they
think about that? And what’s the better thing
when you’re five years old – to play with swords.
– Right. How many cities do you hit
when you’re competing? Yes, I think we hit like
maybe 50 different cities during the year. So sometimes you just go
to a random place, you don’t have any gym,
so you just have to adapt. You just have
to figure it out. Yeah, right, just I look
at the things around me, and just figure it out. Oh, look at that. Let’s do some fun in there,
let’s get a workout. OK, let’s go. In fencing I have to work
on my cardio, on my strength and on my stretch, it’s a really global sport,
you know. You work with pretty much
every muscle, you know. OK, Brandon, I know
you have these crazy arms, these crazy legs, you know. But fencing is not
only about strength. You have to find your balance,
you know. I can do that, I can do that. – OK, you can do that?
– Yeah. OK, let’s see, OK. Let’s do some competition,
you know? All right, all right. OK, try to walk
like this fencing position, and then, OK, go like this
as fast as you can, you know. Even faster. Whoa, what are you doing,
big guy? – I’m waiting for you.
– I’m trying. I haven’t been doing this
since I was five, you know. OK. This is a long way. Yeah, it is a long way. – OK, I wait you a bit.
– There we go. OK, OK. I’m breaking form,
I think, a little bit. – Oh…
– Oh, oh, oh. All right, is there…
are we pretending – there’s lava down here?
– Yeah. I’m coming,
I’m coming for you. I think I died a long time ago. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– I think that’s it. OK, where you at? – Ah, my legs are burning.
– OK. OK, more respect,
for sure, man, yeah. You know, I’ll lay off
on knocking a little bit, because that was pretty tough.
A lot tougher than I thought. You make it look so easy,
that’s the problem, you know. When you watch it, you’re just
like, “Ah, I can do that.” And then once you start
doing the workouts, you’re like,
“Ah, there’s no way.” I mean, this is a testament
to your hard work. I mean, you’ll go out anywhere and you’ll find something
to stay active, stay fit, keep your training on,
which of course with you, you can’t take time off,
especially if you’re competing. Yeah, when you really
want to do something, you just do it, you know,
no matter what. No matter the weather,
no matter the city. Yeah, you just…
You don’t find any excuses. OK, Brandon, so this is
a fancy venue, you know. It is. So I can show you
some fancy skill in here. – OK, I’m ready.
– OK. This is all the gear
or this is the practice gear? Yeah, right, there is
the sabre, épée, and foil. So as you can see, it’s not
the same thing, you know. – Oh, I see.
– That’s it. That’s how you keep track
of the points. Yeah, right, right, right. – It’s an electric circuit.
– Ah, OK. So you stab people
for a living. – Yeah, yeah.
– How’s that feel? I feel good because I can’t
go in jail for that. Right, exactly. I mean you get some
aggression out at least. It’s the best thing
about my sport. OK, Brandon, remember
what we did on the rail? We will take it
to the next level, OK? Basically, there is a line. OK, you’re going front
and back, front and back, – front and back.
– OK. And hold
the fencing position, so you have to tense
up your leg. – Squat?
– Yeah, that’s it. – Keep the tension here?
– Yeah, tension, – can you feel it?
– Yeah, oh, I already feel it. – Exactly.
– So OK, we go in French. En garde, prêts, allez.
It’s “ready, steady, go.” – Are you ready?
– Uh-huh. En garde, prêts, allez. I’m just getting slower
and slower. Come on, come on, come on. Ah… – Take your breath, man.
– Yeah. Breath. Be honest, how much
were you holding back? I can do that all day, man. – I bet you could.
– Be my guest. Yeah, you’re probably
at half speed, right? OK, wake up, wake up. It’s time to get
a proper workout. – Round two, huh?
– OK. I’m ready. OK, so I will teach you
how to hit your opponent. OK, so you try to get
that full extension. Yeah, yeah, that’s it. Your back leg is just
going to be straight. OK, so like this. One, two, three. – And come back.
– OK. OK, are we ready? I can hear
your breathing, man. Control your breath, man. You’re breathing too loud. I’m usually the one saying
this to someone, not me. OK, yeah, yeah. One, two, three. OK, do you feel
comfortable? – Yeah.
– OK, let’s do it. You’re disrespecting me
right now. You’re toying with me. All right. Enzo, much respect. – OK, watch your hair.
– Thank you, yeah. That’s OK. It shows that I did a lot of
work, my hair’s all messed up. Thank you. Thanks for showing me
the stuff. – Oh, no problem.
– Now we got this stuff done, so let’s step
in the gym and maybe do some of my expertise. See how you stand up to that. Nice work, Enzo. Whoo, let’s get something
to drink. You kind of show me
what you do, and maybe we’ll throw some
new stuff in there. OK, perfect. OK, let’s do this. OK, so let’s do some exercise. Balance, you know. OK, so the fencing position, jump, and then go for a lunge. You come back,
and you jump back. OK, yeah. Jump? That’s it, make a lunge
with this one. – That’s a long… Yeah, yeah.
– Ooh, keep your balance. There we go, I get it
inside that leg, right? That’s it, come back. And jump back. And you do this…
it’s timed, huh? So you have a certain amount
of time that you… Yeah, about like one minute. One minute like this,
attack, up, up. You got some leg
work out of the way, got the Bosu Ball work,
already started feeling that even though I did like
three reps, which is crazy. But I know you do a lot
of shoulder stuff, you know, of course you got
to have your arm up, and after a while I’m sure
it just starts to burn. We have to have the endurance
of the shoulder and like the repetition
and things. So I think maybe… So you got these guys,
right, the rope. – OK, let’s go.
– Yeah, yeah. All right, here we go. My shoulders
are already burning. OK, OK, OK. OK, can you see the bite? Yeah, yeah, you get
that blood pumping, and you can feel it real quick. How do you make these harder? OK, yeah, OK, let’s go. Let’s go. I’ll explain it.
Next level. OK, sounds good. Level two. OK, fencing position. Yeah. One and are you ready? Let’s go. One… coming. And this is the thing,
you know. You have to keep your balance and disassociate
the rope balance with the chest balance. The leg balance
with the chest balance. So that’s it. To coordinate. Come on, man, another. Allez, allez,
keep going, keep going. I’m hitting that wall,
you know. Let’s go. OK, join me, join me,
keep going. Yeah. OK, OK, harder,
harder, harder. And that’s it, I’m done. There we go. I cheated, I stopped. That was a trick of mine. That’s amazing. Now I want to try something,
and it’s with the sleds. We’re going to put a little bit
more weight on there. We’re going to strap up
and have a little race. OK, no problem, I love
competition, let’s do this. I know you do.
Got 150 on yours. So that’s around 200 pounds. I got a little bit
more just because I have the advantage
because I’ve, you know, trained this way before. But we’re going to crawl it. So we’re going to pull
as fast as we can, right? And go. I almost got you. Now we got to go back. One, two, three. High five. OK, that was intense. These Olympians… Where is the
physiotherapist? I need a massage. Yeah, that’s a good idea. Maybe we should do that. That’s the end of it. Get a massage. Need it.


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