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Honest Trailers – The Dark Knight Rises (Feat. RedLetterMedia)

HONEST TRAILER : DARK KNIGHT RISES NARRATOR From director Christopher Nolan, NARRATOR (CONT’D) Comes the obligatory finale to his Dark Knight Trilogy… NARRATOR (CONT’D) That clearly peaked with the Joker. NARRATOR (CONT’D) The Dark Knight Rises… NARRATOR (CONT’D) The epic final chapter that will mildly entertain you when you’re watching it… NARRATOR (CONT’D) But will

Presentazione del mio canale Youtube “Salute & Fitness” (also subtitles english)

HEALTH & FITNESS Hi everyone, I’m Mike. Welcome to my Youtube channel “Health & Fitness” I make animation videos in Italian, with subtitles in English, to better explain some topics, like: Advice for healthy and correct nutrition The importance of physical activity The principles of training in the gym and the fitness world The functioning