CES 2018: Suunto 3 Fitness

[Music] Seletar more lascivious democracy asunto episode Alison toda Fitness in new Belmont were not had gamma Jennifer Cupid on captainship ESMA Keep America sees activity sportive to toll on la journée a pre-civil se la project manager – I assume – new present a on the Thai settlement one hi my name is Karolina salminen and I work at soon – as a product manager for su 2 3 fitness atsuta we want to inspire and equip people to live an adventurous and active life and now we are introducing soon to 3 Fitness which is an Fitness watch for active people who value health and well-being in this product we offer an adaptive training guidance which gives you a 7-day training plan which is based on your fitness level and its goal is to improve your fitness levels during the workout you will also get a real-time guidance during workout which is based on your intensity there is also activity tracking features such as steps and calories there is a sleep tracking and we are also introducing this sleep quality which tells how well you recover when you’re sleeping so this product it is designed to be worn 24/7 so it is really lightweight and it fits your wrist and it is really a joy to work at the office and at the gym thank you very much Logan opposite Lamia VW c ester’s you’d only would clap question mop overdose video to new booty [Music]

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