Child has cancer and National Grid cuts off health insurance

At the beginning of June my wife found a lump on my son’s stomach when she was just playing with him. So we called the doctor
about a week later, probably the second week in June. We went in to see his
pediatrician and next thing you know they just told us to go to the emergency
room.So we went to Children’s Hospital in Boston, and I went there, and two days
later he had surgery and they removed his kidney… his right kidney. They
thought they got it all. We got the phone then and they said it was a
stage three stage cancer. In his kidney. So it traveled to his lymph nodes. So a week later we got a letter in the mail saying that your insurance
will be terminated 12:00 midnight on Saturday
I’ve got called out with Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve I had my family
over and I have to leave so and then at the times like this like, you think, you
know, you’re basically just a number to them. What I’d say the National Grid is how greedy can you be? And as it is it worth it to you, like, the more money you put in your
pocket is it really worth it to hurt all these people? I actually I have a few more choice words, but I’m not going to say that.


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