Clayton Health & Fitness | Update from the Owner

Hi guys! Most of you know who I am
but if not, my name is Rodney Morrisand I am the Owner of Franklin Health &
Fitness and the NEW Clayton Health & FitnessBy now you’ve probably heard about
our expansion into Clayton, Ga.This is something that we’re
very excited about!I wanted to take a few moments to explain
what this means for our wonderful membersat Franklin Health & FitnessFirst, thank you for being dedicated members
and for putting your health at the top of your priorities.Without you and our awesome staff,
it would be impossible to move forwardwith our vision of spreading health &
wellness throughout our local communitiesLast, for those of you with active
memberships at FHFyou will automatically gain access to the
Clayton Health & Fitness facilityat no additional cost to youAs a staff we look forward to answering
any questions you may haveabout this exciting new additionWe hope that you will plan on visiting
our new space after we open!

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