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Hi friends welcome to Parul Ka Zaika Today I am going to make
Coleslaw Veg Sandwich Please don’t forget to press the
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to prepare Coleslaw Veg Sandwich 9 bread slices 100 grams mayonnaise 50 grams cabbage chopped into length 1 Capsicum Chopped into length 50 grams of lettuce leaves 50 grams purple cabbage 1 sliced cucumber 1 sliced tomato 1 teaspoon of white chilli powder 1 teaspoon of chilli flakes 1 teaspoon of oregano 1 teaspoon of chaat masala 1 bowl of green chutney Tomato sauce Butter And salt To start with take in a mixing
bowl – cucumber, capsicum Cabbage, purple cabbage,
lettuce leaves Mayonnaise, white chili powder,
chilli flakes, origano Salt and a spoonful of tomato
sauce and mix well Spread butter on the bread slices Spread green chutney on two slices And on one slice spread tomato sauce Then on one slice spread
the prepared mixture Cover this with bread slice
spread with butter and chutney Then spread butter and tomato
sauce on top of it Put tomato and cucumber
slices on top of it Then sprinkle little chaat
masala on top Cover with bread slice
spread with tomato sauce Then cut it from the middle Similarly prepare more sandwiches This sandwich is ready to serve If you have liked my recipe Then please dont forget to click on
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