CrossFit trainer and cancer survivor with cerebral palsy opens gym

I think that sense of resilience is just part of who I am, right, It’s like this innate sense of like I constantly feel like I’m proving something to the world and I don’t know if that’s ever going to go away About two weeks after I was born my parents were told that I had cerebral palsy I have a mild case of CP so luckily for me I have full capability of my speech, communication, intellectually everything is fine but basically from the waist down I’m more affected. I started getting into fitness around 2010 I was a hand cyclist for quite a while and at the time I had a friend of mine that was doing CrossFit and so on May 3rd of 2012 I walked into my first CrossFit gym and really started to write history for myself CrossFit by definition is constantly varied functional movement done at high intensity and I think the portion that some people get afraid of or have a misconception of is the idea of high intensity, right so intensity is relative I was the only female in the world doing what I was doing and I couldn’t look at somebody and be like ‘Hey, so how do you box jump?’ because I’d love to learn from you. I wanted to be that person for the next person that came along. I worked at a bunch of other gyms and I really wanted to open my own gym right away and then I happened to to get sick I remember feeling as fit as I could ever feel in my entire life but I also felt very sick I felt like I had a constant cold I finally started to get things looked at when I had a really bad pain underneath my arm basically I got told that I had bumps everywhere in my body It took about maybe three weeks to figure that out and in a couple of days I was diagnosed with lymphoma In a workout, you always have skill portion, the workout and the cool down and for me that’s how I really kind of tried to attack the cancer diagnosis was, ‘Ok, what’s our plan’ ‘What’s the game plan and how do we get to the recovery process’ So we go into our seventh week and my doctor looks at me and she’s like, ‘I’ve never seen anything like you in my life.’ And I was like ‘What are you talking about.’ She goes, ‘Well, you’re cancer free.’ My gym is a place for anybody that wants to come of all age, ability or skill level. You want to come in here and make a better life for yourself through fitness, this is the place for you People don’t join my gym and pay me a monthly fee because I use a wheelchair and I’m inspiring. They pay me because I know what I’m talking about. Seven years later I can’t say that I’m perfect but I’m definitely perfecting that craft and really really passionate about it I just love what I do every day I don’t have a disability I have different abilities

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