Day 12 – Yoga For Spinal Health – 30 Days of Yoga

Hey friends, welcome to 30 Days of Yoga with
Adriene. I am Adriene. And today is day 12 and I am feeling like a rock star. Probably
because I am wearing my rock and roll yoga pants, which they’re pretty ridiculous. But
you know what, sometimes you just have to, you know, do yoga in a big t-shirt, and sometimes
you have to wear your rock and roll yoga pants. So wear something you feel rocking in maybe
today and let’s hop on the mat. All right. So today we’re going to begin standing
at the front of our mat. Let’s do feet-hip width apart, and we just stand up nice and
tall, and begin to connect to our breath. Spreading awareness through all four corners
of the feet and coming into our best and most beautiful tadasana today. Find your breath.
Then bend the knees softly and inhale, reach the arms up and overhead. Full body stretch
here. And exhale, forward fold. Take your time. Nice and slow. Inhale. Find a flat back
position here. Keep it soft and easy breezy beautiful. Cover girl. Or guy. Then we’ll just take a second here to just
check in, stretch it out. Then slowly, we’ll spread the fingertips left to right. Inhale,
reach it all the way back up, stretching out the body, warming up. And exhale, back down
we go. Inhale, halfway lift. And exhale, soften and bow. This time, step or hop it back to
plank or half plank. So we can be here at a top of a push-up or knees lowered. Hug the
elbows into the side body and slowly lower down, cobra or upward facing dog. Deep breath
in. And to get nice baby cobra, pulling the elbows back and deep breath out as you release. Stay on your belly this time. So palms are
going to be underneath the shoulders here. I’m going to press into the tops of my feet
and keep my feet-hip width apart. So I’m not zipping them up just yet but keeping them
nice and wide, and really pressing into the pubic bone here. Spread the palms wide. Notice
if the elbows are coming out, pull them back. Then inhale, lift up baby cobra. Keep the heart open. And see if you can slide
the fingertips forward, and come onto your elbows. So elbows are going to replace where
the palms are, and I’m going to continue growing up tall. So it might take a little bit of
shimmying to find that stacking of the elbows and shoulders. And again, we press into the
pubic bone actively so pelvis is grounding down. And then notice if the fingertips have
come in or gone out, see if you can keep these two lines. So we’re coming into a beautiful sphinx pose.
Extension through the crown. We draw the shoulder blades in, together and down, we grow up nice
and tall. You can tuck the chin into the chest slightly, and make sure you’re not crunching
in the back of the neck, but finding awesome length back there. Then inhale, turn past
your right shoulder. Press into both elbows firmly, evenly. And then back to center. Careful
not to clench the buttocks here, but keep activity down through the pelvis as you look
past the left shoulder. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Press into your right elbow. Breathe.
And exhale back to center. Great. Now we release slowly onto the belly. Send
the fingertips down towards the bottom edge of your mat. Inhale, lift up. Exhale. Press
in your palms, lift the legs up high. Three breaths here. You can rotate the ankles, you
can spread the toes, reach the fingertips. Pelvis, again, actively grounding down so
we’re not just kind of lukey flukey, but we’re taking care of the lower back. You can tuck
your chin into your chest if you feel any pressure in the back body. Breathe, breathe,
breathe. And then we release. Awesome. Forehead comes to the mat. Palms come underneath
the shoulders. We curl the toes under, and we transition to downward facing dog. Work
it out here. Stretch it out. Breathe. Then we come to a place of stillness for one full
breath, in and out. Awesome. This time walk the palms all the way up towards your toes.
And we come into forward fold here at the back edge of the mat. Inhale. Halfway lift
and exhale. Slide it down, send the fingertips left to right and inhale. Reach it all the
way up pressing into the feet. Reach, reach, reach, reach. And then exhale, hands to heart.
Awesome. Lift your sternum to your thumbs and slowly
we’re going to rise up onto our toes. Drawing energy up from the arches of the feet, really
maintaining this Mula Bandha and this Uddiyana Bandha, and this beautiful stacking of the
spine. So hands can come together at the heart. And I begin to slowly lift up through the
center channel, lifting up onto the tippy tip toes. Now find something you can focus
on in front or ahead. Maybe just past the nose, as we gaze down on our drishti and collect
strength. Squeezing in, in, in. You can imagine a block between the thighs here, sit bone
to heel connection. You might reach the fingertips up and overhead here. You might stay palms
together at the heart. Take one more breath wherever you are. And
then exhale with control, with ease. We slowly lower back down. Awesome. Shake it off by
inhaling, reaching fingertips up and overhead, and exhale diving forward. Inhale, halfway
lift. And exhale down. Like a little animal, like a puppy dog, we walk the palms forward.
Keep the knees bent. Enjoy this being alive in your body today, and then find your downward
facing dog. Now we’re going to drop the left heel. Inhale,
lift the right leg high. Bend your right knee. Instead of keeping the hips square today,
we’re going to open up by stacking the hips one on top of the other. So careful not to
crash in your left shoulder here. But keep a little integrity in that right palm by dropping
your right shoulder down. You can rotate that foot. You can kick out. Breathe one more breath
here. And then we step that right foot all the way up and into our lunge. Find your Warrior
I. Nice and strong. Inhale, rising up. Sink into that front knee. Deep breath in. And
exhale. Open out, Warrior II. Inhale, reach forward, up and back, Reverse Warrior, Peaceful
Warrior. And exhale, spiraling all the way back down to your lunge. Great. Slide the right toes back and take a vinyasa.
Again, we can lower the knees, keep it real chill here, or we can add a little fire, Chaturanga
to Up Dog. Follow your heart. Together we’ll meet. Downward facing dog. Deep breath in.
Long breath out. Drop the right heel, lift the left leg high. Then bend that left knee
and stack that left hip over your right. Square through the shoulders. Breathe here. Then
squeeze that left knee all the way up and through, step it into your lunge. Pivot on
the back foot. And when you’re ready, find a nice, strong Warrior I. Arms reached up
high. Reach, reach, reach. Inhale and exhale. Send them out, Warrior II. Lean back, tuck
your pelvis. Sink deep and reaching forward up and back. Keep it soft and easy, peaceful
warrior. Stretch it out. Deep breath in. On and exhale, We cartwheel all the way back.
Great. Step the back foot up to meet the front, when you come back to your lunge, and we find
that forward fold. Inhale. Halfway lift, keep a soft bend in the knees. Then exhale out.
Inhale, reach it all the way up. Full body stretch. And exhale back down to your heart.
Awesome. Take a second to observe your breath. Just
notice how you feel. And then we’re going to bring the soles of the feet together, the
arches of the feet together for a little tree practice. So I’ll actually come to face the
front here, and we’ll draw energy up through the arches of the feet, and really find this
upward current of energy as we shift the weight onto the left leg. Peel up off onto your right
toes, and take it nice and slow here. As you interlace the fingertips, catch the right
knee or the right shin in your palms. Inhale. Press away from your standing leg. Lift up,
squeeze your right knee in, and plug your heart, and lift up. Elbows down. So if you’re new to balancing practice, this
might be a challenge for you. You can bring your left fingertips to the wall here. Again,
remember when we were pressing the pelvis into the earth, we’re remembering that integrity
as we press into the standing leg, tuck the pelvis, and lift the heart. Great. Now, slide
your right fingertips to your right ankle, and see if you can draw your right heel up
towards the center line. Another option would be to bring it just below the knee. And then
a final option is just to keep those toes on the ground, no biggie. Working on drawing
the hips forward and lifting up through the heart. So we’re all at different levels here. We
have a little tree practice. On the 12th day of Christmas here in the United States, you
get a partridge in a pear tree, right? Here we get silly Adriene in a tree. Shut up, Adriene.
Okay.Find your tree pose, find your breath. Hold onto that drishti. If your right foot
is pressing into your left thigh, press back with that inner thigh. Find more upward lift. You might reach the
fingertips up high overhead. Beautiful tree practice, vriksasana. High, all the pinkies
forward. Drop your shoulders, everyone. Then from your tree, we’re going to practice Warrior
III. So what that looks like, it might look like bringing the big toes up, or if you’re
already up here for the center line, we’re going to start by sending the fingertips back,
opening through the chest and heart. And then keeping the right foot alive and bright as
you send that leg back. We press through the right heel and inhale.
Reach the fingertips forward. And again, if you are new to the practice, keep those toes
on the floor. You can always go from here to here. One more breath, wherever you are,
inhale. And then exhale. Hug everything back in. And we shake it off. Awesome work, my
friends. Let’s do the same thing on the other side.
So zipping the legs together, we find our breath again. Palms together. Anjali Mudra
at the heart. Peel up through the left foot. And before you just slide into it, you know,
or jump into it, find that integrity. Lift up. Keep rocking forward through the pelvis,
stacking, finding that upward current pressing away from the right foot, rather than… Otherwise,
it tends to be all collapsed, holding on for dear life, pain in the foot. So you can move
at your own time. I’ll talk us through this side as well, just in case you’re new to the
practice, and you want to take it nice and slow. Interlacing the fingertips, we hug the left
knee in. We lift up through the heart. We draw the elbows down. So the energetic body
comes along for the ride is basically what I’m trying to say here. Then maybe we slide
the left fingertips down to that ankle and we draw it up and in, or we find another variation
that works for us here today. Nice and easy breezy. Excuse me. And then we press back with the right inner
thigh, and we find that lift, and everyone breathes here. Going through their checklist,
lengthening up through the crown of the head, and maybe finding a Mudra on this side that
feels right. So having a little fun. Don’t take it too seriously. Relax your forehead.
The thing about balancing postures is they’re going to tell you what’s up right away. So
that can be frustrating. And if you’re frustrated, take a deep breath in and use that exhale
to soften. Really nice work, my friends. We’re going to challenge ourselves here by
moving into our Warrior III. So if your toes are on the ground, you can just slide it out.
Send the palms back. Start here. And if you’re in that tree, stay connected to your center
as you send the fingertips back, airplane arms first, just to find a little counter
balance, that opposition. And then we slowly send the heart forward as we release left
foot back, toes back. Navel draws up. And maybe I stay here pressing into the palms,
or maybe I send the fingertips forward. Warrior III, breathe in and out. Find that
opposition. And to release, we hug everything in. And step it back and shake it off. Awesome.
And you out-reach fingertips, all the way up toward the heaven. And exhale, forward
fold. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, bow. Heel- toe, heel-toe, the feet wide. Just coming
through your yogic squat, just nice and slow, and coming onto seated. From your seated posture,
bring your hands behind your thighs, and slowly roll it back. Take a twist of your choice. So it can be
a one-legged twist, it can be a recline twist, maybe you sit up on your sit bones and try
out a twist. So we’re taking a moment to twist. Check in with the spine. And then when you’re
done, hug the knees into your chest one more time. And then we’ll grab the arches of the
feet. Picking up back together for a happy baby
pose, we slowly draw the soles of the feet up towards the sky and we breathe. Send your
tailbone down towards the front edge of the mat. Relax your shoulders. One more breath.
And then we release, soles of the feet come together, Supta Baddha Konasana. Interlace
your fingertips. Bring them behind your head. Arms and legs are mirroring each other here.
I call this Barton Springs pose, named after an amazing natural bed, pool here in Austin,
Texas. Extend your thumbs and give yourself a little
massage. That’s an order! Really get in there. Massage the back of the head. Really, really
give yourself a little love. And we’ll slide the right toes out, followed by the left.
Stay here and the arms for your shavasana or release them left to right. Take a deep
breath in through the nostrils. And exhale out through the mouth. Awesome practice today,
my friends. Take good care. Namaste.


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