lollololololololololo Tap the notification bell to never Miss a pals video lolololol lololollolololol lololololol It’s terrifying second Slenderman Yeah, it’s pretty great, but you know what we’re way too skinny. No horrible. Everyone’s judging everyone huge I’m so self-conscious of my own body. I just Don’t like perspiring as well Thing is though that’s literally all this game mode is it’s just what lifting weight? Well, that’s fine You know that clicking is probably very obnoxious as well. So you know you could use this one could use this one It’s pretty Oh, yeah You just upgraded a bit I’m talking about wow look at the booty on that statue wow. Oh and now we’re getting punched. Why is he punching us? Because that’s just what you do in this game. Ah let’s do it. Let’s ostrow. You lift weights, and you punch people With such add we yeah, I always thought it’s like real life. I’ve been killed yep. Yes, we have been Freaky being some weird stick man, and the thing is these machines don’t even do anything Oh, so they don’t count towards your strength No, like well, you can still weight left while you’re in it though, but you like you can do this It doesn’t matter if you’re in a machine or not like it doesn’t actually It’s just a coin just a look why wouldn’t they make the machines actually do something. Maybe that’s not the way We’re perhaps it is even though. This is weightlifting simulator too. So you would think that the second rendition of a game? Where you lift weights would have more than yes, Dumbbell curls. Yes, that is correct, so For goodness and everything so how does it just gradually increase our body? Very very very slowly. Yeah, okay. It’s literally all there is to this game. Oh well It looks like on the side we can get a protein bar Yeah, you can get protein bars slightly increase the the rate it’s whoa So see your strength is 10 right now, and then oh what a cheap product I love it, but because you just eat it once then it’s gone. Oh yeah, so okay See like an hour 25 right that wasn’t that wasn’t that much no it wasn’t You could get a few little million protein okay 1 million protein bar C1 there and then we can get another one. Oh, no some guys running run uh oh Push them push ups. Okay good. No what a weird process for this is so large you can do probably oh Nothing’s happening teleporting. Oh there. We go ever so slightly ever so slightly any bit and then we go Wow, yeah, okay? Well that was that and that was that and now we drowned Well that was that and now We kill kill there’s no way we can take on someone else. Oh my gosh that one. Oh, no there. Oh Enjoy it. It’s been killed. Oh, man. You like the guest you can do it Back here you rookies shoulders. Wow they’re they’re envious Yeah, sure I was gonna kill you yeah, he’s probably Gonna kill you right killer. Oh You came in and stole our pill meaning. He couldn’t hear kill some zero kills well Riperoni hi Alex Poor Galaxy galaxies galaxies dead check this out, so I’m check-in oh I’m upset with you. You know why why not getting swole that’s because I’m running away from people eights no one cares Hey, there’s good. Gonna be back here, then I got small compared to him. Yeah, bye Hello, well. I’m just gonna lift some weights little like me. Yeah. Oh, yeah Oh my God look at the background. There’s a ginormous man Yes, there is he has been lifting for years I can imagine a lot of people in this game mode just lift weights as much as they can so that they can be the biggest and the server and then they feel very very proud yeah probably Is there a way we can speed up strength gain? Is it the arch yeah, you’d go via pia Va IPI what you’ll get from the ad should we get yeah? Oh, no vip just gets you the vip section over there where we won’t be killed Let’s see what else those sharp double weight Solid lunch come on timbo wait kimber. Oh, so I guess we’re doing double Will that increase anything gnomes surely it probably would okay hard let’s hope so okay No, I get that and then double wait Double-a and training boost Oh training Iq to training boost, and then we can also get a salad lunch Oh yum, yum yum a little bit of salade mmm yum yum yum Yum yum put that in a mouth in the memory. So there we go akimbo wait. Yeah, yeah Does it do left and right click? No, it’s just left click okay, and then that one like that and then the boost There we eat the salad as well wow still really skinny Yes, she’s doing push-ups, or let me tell you something Yeah
This is what this game mode needs as you Starts with just the dumbbell curls and once you reach a certain level of strength you can start doing other exercises That’s actually exactly what the gym tycoon is we also get to build your own gym Actually an infinitely better game mode but for some reason this is the one that really took off. Yeah I’m tycoon you just I kind of like this one’s Simple oh Yes, you know there is a lot of simplicity to it. Yeah, what still not getting very big though well no not at all oh Yeah, I kind of want to get infinitely like it’s silly big in this game Yes, it takes a very long time. Well you better stop you better start lifting okay, yeah, so Every point your size goes up or every go or because I six because we have boost on right now And we’re using a kimbo. Oh You’re getting pretty big check it out. Well. We’re see Sissy Balaban Is that I’m not quite sure their language that is I’m afraid I don’t know why hello What is happening here? Oh oh hello sir it just doing some akimbo weights Oh, don’t mind me. Oh. Yeah, say hi to him. Hello Hello, mine, turtle. Oh, no. Just keep on keep on Well, you know we we do have ever so slow Oh a treadmill does that give points? No, maybe I don’t know do it. There’s probably more than one shred bill Hey, Tuesday, this man’s no. I don’t think there’s anything that gives us for that. I’m not too sure If there’s some secret like it’s like Arnold schwarzenegger somewhere in the behind the rocks He’s gonna like make a swole really quick would that would be nice What was that? Whenever the dude took out whoa. Oh man those weights wow Yeah, I can’t believe What I’m talking about idea mm. Yeah, yeah, all right. Sorry. Sorry All we do we’re Gonna. Go maybe I pee sex oh Yeah, I know It’s like that does the vip section not make us more big Treadmills and stuff well go to the vip – I beat you big baby Oh, dude, Mm. Strength even though we have vip We still need 2000 plus strength. Oh What what that what what? What is happening boys in the ocean I can’t boo? whoa I don’t know what that is it quickly Get Mm strength some who is that the vIp section though? Or is that just a mM strength only zone not entirely try lifting and see if we get a boost, okay? Well I’m just going dead from that creepy skinny guy. Yeah. He’s like so he’s Got some sort of like Ninja Ninja moves a song Yeah, okay. We’re doing we lift it. No. It doesn’t seem to be doing much No online if we use, okay, we got two four seven and 5:3 because he goes up by six wow wow take forever to get to 2,000 though. We can keep going It’s alright. I’m sure people probably you know what a lot of people. Do yeah, probably having this they probably like leave Like can you just hold down mouse button actually maybe because if you can? People can just hold down their mouse button overnight or something stats strength through ability buffness height speed oh No, I guess they don’t know protein Br. Let’s just buy a bunch can be our Purity yeah, yeah. Oh wait. Look double white is a different thing. Yes. What does it do? if only if only weightlifting was this yeah His weight is on my face So we get five every time for the double way Away every time like every lift. No not every every birth every fall this Kimber weight does better than akimbo does better. Yes What if we just do a nice back bending knee? Or we can kill this man over here kill the creepy skinny Ya Know we are getting slightly bigger though. Oh, we sure are but we need to get even bigger even bigger skinny fine sure It’s working well, it’s working. Yeah that guy just comes over to show off. Yes He’s just me me see soi behan man He’s putting his giant his giant weight, right do two weights out of our face exactly It’s working. We’re we’re getting up, so I think you need to click maybe Ought to be if we get six points every time and it’s every like five quakes it’s like six on E6 in order to Yeah, you get a 120 strength for every 100 clicks. Yeah, that’s Gonna take a while It’s gonna take a long time my gosh. It sure is which is why this? This game. Oh yeah, I am going to Completely disappear. Soph that is just isn’t it insane no, it’s not a statue. Oh say Extremely large matt. Oh, my this is taro imagine if people actually got like like just like that would be Check out. Oh, I think it’s this guy. Yeah, what did he is he a hacks or Are you real look that’s what we used to look like anyone real I didn’t really notice much change in our body apart from slight like thickness But look how we are we are compared to him. We are significantly bigger Anyways, though, I am going to completely Disregard and the fact that it says Mm Strand only I am gonna March in there, and it’s gonna work trust me, okay? We didn’t get teleported halfway to the ocean that time. That’s true. Oh, it’s a woman She has the creepy elf on her shoulder. I hate that so much. It’s so terrifying oh Okay, she’s dead. She’s dead um oh no. I’m good. Well. We better hold a funeral for her dearly beloved We are gathered here today to celebrate the death of Elf lady Elf Lady was you know some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts Yes, is that it that’s it? sub to zape zape


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