Demi Lovato Extremely Dedicated To Her ‘Health, Fitness & Sobriety’ After Leaving Rehab – News Today

There’s nothing better than a good workout to clear the mind and get positive endorphins flowing Demi Lovato is totally focused on her health and especially her fitness routines in her dedication to staying sober post-rehab  Before Demi Lovato relapsed, the 26-year-old was an absolute fitness fanatic. She was highly trained in super intense activities like Mixed Martial Arts Now that she’s clean and sober following three months in rehab, she’s returning to her powerful workout routines “Demi has been working out like crazy, hitting the gym, sweating with a personal trainer and even doing two-a-day workouts She is dedicated to her health, fitness and sobriety right now,” a source close to the “Tell Me You Love Me” singer tells HollywoodLife com EXCLUSIVELY.    “She is making room for new, healthier, more loving relationships that support her new dedication to her well-being  Demi has been cleaning house and getting rid of all of her negative influences and unhealthy relationships in her life,” our source adds That might explain a mysterious Instagram message she wrote after a fan defended Demi’s fired backup dancer Dani Vitale on Instagram In comments the singer wrote “True friends don’t do interviews about you after you OD,” but then later added “I’m not talking about Dani Vitale ” So she has eliminated some people who were in her life prior to the overdose.  “Demi was in a really dark, sad place before ending up in the hospital fighting for her life Now that she survived a near death experience, her whole perspective on life, relationships and everything has changed She feels grateful and is taking action to insure that she never goes to that scary place again,” our insider continues  After six years away from alcohol and drugs, Demi fell off the wagon in late spring On June 22 she released the song “Sober” where she confessed she was no longer clean Then she nearly died from an overdose on July 24 before reportedly being revived with the opioid reversal drug Narcan The singer spent over a week in the hospital in LA before heading out of state for a successful 90 day rehab stay

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