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Hey guys i’m shreya welcome back to my channel
I hope you all had a great weekend.In my last video I shared few simple tips to help u lose
weight.If you have not watched it yet pls do watch it, the link is in the desccription
below.One of the subscribers had requested me to upload a non vegeterian diet plan so
in today’s video I will be sharing a sample non veg diet plan, so lets get started.Please
do not follow this diet plan if you are pregnant or if you just had a baby or if u have not
yet started solid foods for your baby that means if you are only breastfeeding or in
cases of any health issues then its always good that you consult your doctor before starting
any diet plan.These are the measurement charts for your reference. So the first thing you need to do as soon
as you wake up is to have a glass of warm water.This is very important because it is
the best way to kick start your metabolism and it also helps to detox your body.Drinking
a glass of warm water on an empty stomach can also help you lose weight.If u dont like
the taste of plain water you can add lemon juice, honey ginger or anything of your choice
to make it more healthier and tastier.So this is the diet plan for “Week 1”.After having
a glass of warm water you can have 4 peeled almonds that were soaked overnight because
almonds contain a lot of healthy fats ,fibre, protein, vitamin E which s good for skin and
hair and they also make you feel fuller thereby they can help you in weight loss. Then comes the very first meal of the day
“Breakfast”, try to have breakfast at least within an hour of waking up. Your breakfast should be filled with nutrients
and proteins. Skipping your breakfast will always make you
over weight all that you eat for breakfast is converted into energy so make sure you
have a heavy breakfast. You can have somewhere around 400 to 450 calories
for your breakfast.In this diet plan I have mentioned one banana because bananas are rich
in fibre and they are powerhouse of nutrients. They can also help in digestion and help you
lose weight. 3 whole grain bread slices because they are
good source of vitamin B and they can help control weight. 1 egg you can have boiled egg or scrambled
egg or anything of your choice .Eggs are super nutritious food and they are a great way to
increase your HDL cholesterol.These are filled with proteins and can make you feel fuller
thereby helping you to lose weight. Don’t skip the egg yolk don’t worry it won’t
affect your weight loss process in fact egg yolks are filled with nutrients so make sure
to make this a part of your diet. Then you can have a cup of tea or coffee or
any drink that you prefer.Once you’re done with your breakfast around 8 to 8:30 you can
keep a gap of 2 to 2.5hrs and then maybe around 11 to 11:30 you can have a cup of yoghurt
with fruits.Yoghurt is rich in important nutrients and adding fruits to it makes it even more
healthier. It contains a lot of calcium which is very
important to maintain healthy teeth and bones. After a gap of 2 hours you can have your lunch. Your lunch should include vegetables, brown
rice it’s always good to eat Brown Rice vs white rice can make you fat whereas brown
rice is filled with fibre. Eating brown rice can also help you lose weight,
there are different varieties of brown rice you can go for whichever you want. In my diet plan I have mentioned beetroot
curry because beetroot has no sodium and its low in fat.Its also very good for pregnant
women because they are rich in Folic acid. Beetroot also lowers your blood pressure and
controls blood sugar so if you are suffering from diabetes or blood pressure then beetroot
is the right option for you. Along with a bowl of curry and rice you can
have some steamed vegetables vegetables, raw vegetables or you can chicken, fish, lean
meat or anything of your choice. Then comes your evening snack for this you
can have a fruit or you can have nuts or if you are having biscuits maybe you can have
2-3 low fat biscuit. I have mentioned orange and walnuts.Oranges
and very rich in vitamin C and walnuts and very good for your heart. Walnuts contain healthy fats and they also
raise your HDL cholesterol. You can have your evening snack around 4:30
to 5 and then you can keep a gap of 2 to 3 hours and then comes the last meal of the
“Dinner”, it’s always good that you develop the habit of having early dinner. Keep your dinner light and healthy. Here I have mentioned half cup chicken gravy
without skin because chicken skin can make you fat.Chicken is rich in protein then you
can have a cup of brown rice and then a cup of salad it can be any vegetable salad or
mixed vegetable salad. Then before going to bed you can have a cup
of warm milk. Try to avoid sweets or any kind of snacks
at night because all that you eat will be converted to fat. For breakfast you can aim around 400 to 450
calories similarly for lunch and dinner you should keep it very light. The approximate calorie in week 1 diet plan
is around 1690. Here’s the diet plan for “Week 2”.Before breakfast
you can have 3 peeled Almonds soaked overnight and 2walnuts. For breakfast you can have 1 cup sliced papaya.These
are very healthy and very delicious. Papayas are also rich in antioxidants then
you can have 5idlis(steamed rice cake), this is one of the healthiest breakfast you can
have it with half cup of vegetable sambar and then you can have tea coffee or any drink
of your choice. As a mid morning snack you can have dates
and tender coconut water. Dates are rich in iron and they also have
natural sugar and even tender coconut water contains natural Sugars, Minerals and vitamins. But if you’re suffering from diabetes or any
other health condition then its better that you consult your doctor before consuming these. Then for lunch you can have a cup of brown
rice with fish curry. Choose a fish which is rich in Omega 3 fatty
acid. As a mid evening snack you can have a glass
of buttermilk or you can have biscuits or tea or coffee. Buttermilk is low in fat and it also very
good for digestion.Then for dinner you can have to 2whole grain chapati with one cup
of moong dal palak curry. After having dinner if you feel like eating
anything or drinking anything you can have milk or any fruit of your choice or you can
have some nuts.The approximate calories in Week 2 diet plan is around “1520”. This is the “Week 3” diet plan. Before breakfast you can have 5 to 6 mixed
nuts.Then for breakfast a cup of vegetable upma. These are very healthy, tasty and low in calories
.Then you can have a bowl of curd and a drink of your choice .Here I have mentioned a fruit
smoothie, you can have tea coffee or anything that you want. Then as a mid morning snack you can have a
boiled egg very healthy and very nutritious. Then for lunch you can have 1cup brown rice
with grilled chicken breast(rich in protien) and you can have 1/2 cup of mixed sprouts
curry or you can choose any sprout of your choice and you can make a career out of it.Then
as a mid evening snack you can have peanut or til chikki. Then for dinner you can have vegetable stuffed
chapati or paratha with raita and a few carrot slices. Carrots are rich in Vit A and are healthy. Then post dinner you can have a cup of warm
milk called or any fruit of your choice or anything which is low calorie healthy and
tasty. the approximate calories in week 3 diet plan
is around 1669.If you want different varities each day then these are some breakfast options
and these are some lunch and dinner options. So this is the 3 week diet plan, you can alter
it according to your needs. I hope today’s video was helpful to you for
best results make sure to follow this with exercise. If you guys have any questions or suggestiions
you can write to me at [email protected] Or you can send me messages on my Facebook
page. In my next video I will be sharing the diet
plan for vegetarians.So please stay tuned and also wishing you and your family a very
happy and safe Diwali see you next week until then take care bye.


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