[old-timey music] D.I.Y. Giant Hashbrown! Oh my god! So we got a ton requests from you guys to make a giant hash brown! But it’s gotta be McDonald’s. There’s nothing quite like a McDonald’s hash brown. Perfect amount of crisp. Just enough salt. And it comes with a little sleeve thing! As usual, Julia doesn’t agree with my recipe and I don’t agree with hers. I’m calculated. She’s artistic. I’m fast food. She’s slow food. And you gotta vote in the poll! Who’s gonna win? Who’s gonna become victorious? Make sure you smash that like button, have notifications on, cuz this is one versus you’re not gonna want to miss! Hey guys Welcome back to Julia’s cooking show. Where Julia shows you how to make things that you actually want to make. And JP makes things that you probably should never ever make. The first step in making a giant McDonald’s hash brown is to clean and to peel your potatoes. It’s gonna be so great when it’s grated. {haha} *grates* After you create your potatoes, make sure that you put them in a bowl of ice water. That way they don’t turn brown n’ ugly. So this process is actually gonna be easier than her process. {burn} So again another reason to vote. You’re do it your way, and I’m gonna do it mine. Chop the potatoes into cubes, You throw them into hot boiling water, And in a minute they’re fork-tender. You drain them, and look it the skin comes right off. No… {sad music plays} The skin doesn’t come off! So that hack didn’t work, DaveHax. {sad music still playing} His hack doesn’t work if you cut the potatoes! One day, I wanted to be like a professional potato peeler. You know, it’s just like with my- {fail} See! It was meant to be! It was meant to be. Oh, these are hot as balls! Over here we have a pot of water, We’re going to pour in four tablespoons of corn syrup. This is what gives you the McDonald’s taste. We’re gonna bring this to a boil, cook it for about three to four minutes. It’s a parboil guys We can do this. We’ve got the water strained and squeezed right out of the potato. We’re gonna add in flour, corn flour, onion powder, We’re gonna pepper to taste, and salt All the recipe details will be at *meat grinding* Uh oh. No, let’s stop this. No, no meat grinder. No, what happened to you? You used to be so good, now you’re so bad. Do this the old-fashioned way? Mash ’em. [unintelligible] the food processors? Cause I don’t want to mash all these. This can take forever. You dropped a potato on the ground, by the way. This should do it! Don’t fail me! Ah yeah! There it is, whew. That was easy. It was a lot in here. Yeah, sure. We got about 5 cups of potatoes there. That’s a lot of potatoes. We’re gonna add third cup potato starch, 2 teaspoons of salt and about half a cup of breadcrumbs. Mix it until it turns into a dough. Here it is, here’s our specimen. Kind of elliptical size here. {ew math} We just have to replicate this shape in the same proportions, that way our giant hashbrown looks just like a blown-up version of this hashbrown 10 by about 7. This things like what two and a half times bigger. I’m not a scientist. I’m not a mathematician. The hashbrown is an oval shape. So let’s make it all shape Wow looks kind of thick. All right guys, it’s arts and crafts time with Julia Gulia. You don’t have to do any math at all. We got white lunch bags because they’re basically the same thing, except not exactly accurate. Look how good this is. I’m so good at drawing. Look how amazing. Then we’re gonna carefully go around that M in red We’re not gonna get any red at all on the M. It’s gonna be perfect. We’re gonna go right around it. That’s why we’re making this trace- Oop. Eh… it’s okay, it’s okay {its not} *awkward giggling* Nah, I’ll just keep going JP: No one’s gonna notice. Yeah, I think they might. I think there’s a big red line on my M. And there it is guys. It’s beautiful! Yeah, you can put your hand in it. You can put a hashbrown in it and it’s beau- see there it is. It’s- don’t look at that part. JP: It’s great. I mean, it could be like a sign puppet. Yeah, it’s- it’s definitely hand-drawn. Okay. All right to make a replica hash brown pouch simply unfold an existing pouch. Trace and measure. {more math? really JP?} Then multiply all the measurements by its function and size, then with a 11 by 17 inch piece of paper, We can redraw a scaled up version of this basic geometry. Then precisely cut out the lines using a straight edge and an exacto knife Now just fold up all the sides and tape the bag shut. For the McDonald’s logo, I took a snapshot with my phone upload it to the computer And then perform some simple Photoshop by altering the size and verbiage of the image Then we’ll export and print onto label paper, and again, I recommend a straightedge and exactly the knife to make it look fresh AF. Now just pop the label on, compare the two, and be proud of what you created because you are special. And so are hash browns. I didn’t think about it, it’s not gonna fit in the deep fryer. Maybe we can get McDonald’s to deep-fry it. Off to McDonald’s! Was wondering if I could deep fry a giant hashbrown in your deep fryer. So they didn’t let me do it, but they do have a deal for two hash browns for a dollar fifty. I love you McDonald’s. Alright, I made it to the Chick-Fil-A Let’s see if they let us. I was wondering if we could deep-fry like a giant hash brown your deep fryer. Fast food worker: No way. No? Blake would it be possible to fry a giant hashbrown in your fryer today? Hell yeah, let’s fry that thing. Just lemme know when you are on the way. Okay, cool I made it to Stir, a local place in Orlando. They’re gonna deep-fry the big hash brown. Careful guys, you could break it in half and then they’ll be destroyed. Oh, yeah. See, that’s- that’s why we need the Big Daddy Fryer. That is a giant hashbrown. Oh yeah? That’s definitely the front. *oil splatter* Okay, it didn’t fall apart. So that’s good. Ooh, that could have been bad. Only do this when you’re with professionals. Oh my goodness, does it fit? Uh oh, did I make it too big? Oh my god. I did all those measurements and it don’t even fit. It’ll fall in. It’ll fit. You got it? Yea-a-a-ah Yeah boy! *cheering* Biggest hashbrown eveer! You know that tastes like McDonald’s. Does it taste like McDonalds? Oh, yes. I feel like I’m at Mickey D’s That’s a real super-sized. Hey guys, look. It’s going down. JP: Wow, I didn’t think about putting them in at an angle. This whole time we could’ve fit. There It is. Hashbrown number two! The Julia Gu version. You don’t always have to use a computer. You can use markers. And pencils. You got to give me some credit for trying. My bag has character. Wow. Now, this is a giant McDonald’s hashbrown Is it as good as it sounds? You look like a hobo drinking a 40 out of a bag. This is a breakfast on the go. You know, we be really busy in the morning when we go through that drive-thru. This is got a great texture and great taste Cheers, Jules. Good job. You… took it. Here you go. Thank you This just might be one of the greatest things we’ve ever done. Remember you gotta vote in the poll. JPierce, Julia Goose Now if you need a giant hashbrown, I play Clash Royale. It’s my favorite game. See look at me. I donate like a mofo. Yes! Yes! Yes!


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