English conversation about health and fitness – how to lose weight fast

Hello everyone, welcome to the latest English conversation about weight loss. Enjoy the funny English conversation and know how to lose weight in 30 days. Enough chit chat, let’s begin. hey friend, how are you?
I am very worried. Why? What happened?
I am getting fat.
So.., what’s the problem, there is nothing to worry in it. Actually, I am getting married in next month and the girl don’t like fat boy. That’s why I am worried. Oh, I see. Can I help you?
Yes, if you have any idea how can I lose my weight in less than 30 days, please tell me. I shall be very very thankful to you. Ok, don’t worry, I have many weight loss tips that would surely be helpful for you to weight loss. And you would lose your weight in just one month. Oh, really, than why are you waiting for? Please tell me quickly.
Ok, listen carefully. Tomorrow, you must buy a balance and all month, you must check your weight daily. Got it? Are you kidding? You mean that I would just check my weight balance daily and I would lose weight in a month. What are you talking about? I have not completed yet, So listen. Next thing you wanna do that, daily drink fresh lemon juice early in the morning. More over, avoid to eat sugary and oily things and don’t eat potato too. Got it? I got it..
If you want to know about more things that what things you need to avoid and what to eat, you can check my YouTube video about weight loss. And in this video, you would found a complete list of things and diets. Just watch and follow them. Ok. thank you so much. I just go and check it. bye.
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