Exclusive – Trump Gym: The Daily Show

– [Narrator] From the man
who brought you such luxuries as Trump steaks and Trump golf , comes my most tremendous offeri. Trump gyms. They’re the only gyms that are
made up of 100% locker rooms. – So, I see this giant
pair of titties, right? And I just grab them because I . – Nice. – Last night I was out at the
bar, and I grabbed this ass. And guess what? There was a woman attached to i. – Score! This is how guys speak. – [Narrator] At Trump gyms,
all your completely acceptable, everyone-has-them conversations,
will remain fully private. And Trump gyms also feature the best personal trainers
that money can buy. – A lot of guys come in
here and they’re thinking I could never boast about
committing a sexual assault, but I promise you after 30
days, you will be transformed into a world-class piece of shi. – I saw this girl and
told her she was pretty. – Come on, man, you can
do better than that. – She walked by and I slapped h. – Nah, nah, nah, come on,
come on, give it to me. – I grabbed her by the pussy. – Woo, my man! Good set, guy. – Yes!
– Nice. – [Narrator] If you’re not gettg this kind of misogynistic,
technically criminal talk in your gym’s locker room, gues? You’re going to the wrong gym. – This hand grabber seems reall. – [Narrator] No, it’s not;
they’re perfectly normal. Trump Gym because life’s a puss.


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