Exergaming: Improve Academics, Social Development, and Health & Fitness.

Hi I am Nicole Turner Avana and I’m the
nutrition coordinator for Poudre School district. Back in the spring of 2013 I was a wellness
coordinator for them and part of the original team who wrote a grant to build an exergaming
lab here at Lincoln Middle School. Today is the official opening of the labs;
we wanted to share with you what exergaming is and tell you about how students are using
it. Exergaming combines exercise with technology
so it’s getting kids active by having them play games and be engaged with the video component You know our students in our program have
significant emotional behavioral needs. Out some time can extend with not able to access
general education because their level of functioning is so diminished. We have social skills curriculum,
we have in-depth interventions but really we were struggling with an intervention that
was going to adjust chemistry without looking at medications and those kinds of things. We have a lot to research that’s been done
and that we follow that states that when students come off an activity they’re more inclined
to feel more focused, their brain is function a little higher and and that on task behavior
will also lead to them being a little more engaged in the classroom. This is a prime
opportunity to really get the most bang out of our buck by having a great intervention
that’s going to impact the students’ entire well-being. Not just whether or not they can
focus on school but its emotional, its how they believe in themselves and their ability
to connect with other people. I like that when I come to the exergaming
lab I get to spend time with my friends and play video games at the same time. That’s
the best thing about the exergaming lab. It really like helps your brain start thinking
so that really helps when you start doing your homework. It was like really the big gates had open
and we’d found the missing link so to speak, for helping our students wrap-around services
not just the things they already have. A creative culture in a climate where everyone realized
that something great was happening. At Lincoln Middle School they’re seeing a reduction
behavior, a changing students abilities to focus in school and a variety of other improvements
by utilizing the exergaming lab.


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