Family Health & Fitness – Pair Exercise with Movie or TV Show

So, this next idea we had is to pair
exercise with TV or a movie. So, one movie we had in mind was The Hunger Games.
Every time Katniss throws her bow, you’re doing some sort of physical activity.
Maybe you’re doing five jumping jacks, or every time Peeta comes on stage or onto
the screen you’re doing five star jumps to greet him. You can even pair it with
television. So, in Brynn and Carly’s example, they’re watching a show called I think Chip and Potato and every time
Potato is said they’re doing some sort of exercise, which is again adorable. Five jumping jacks! Oh, five jumping jacks! “Papa” is touch the floor five times. Five jumping jacks! “Mama” is five hops on one foot! Potato! Oh, Chip! Five squats! Five jumping jacks!

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