FITNESS Q&A – Is competing expensive?

(intense music) – Hi, welcome guys. I’m Dragan, editor in chief
of Today, we’ll be going through
a few questions that you guys have left with us, and who best to answer than our fitness expert, Rob Riches? Yes, you. – Thank you for having me. – So, today’s subject is
is competing and modelling. – Okay. – Next question’s coming
from Neil from Ohio, question number four. – “Is competing expensive?
What should I expect if I’m doing a show?” – I don’t think anyone’s
asked me this before. I love this question. Is it expensive? It can be. Certainly if, here’s what comes into when you want to do a competition. You really need to line up
several months ahead of you, and so, supplementation,
which can certainly give you an edge, if nothing
more than just enable you to recover and train at
your fullest potential. That doesn’t get too costly. Some people really rely on certain diets, maybe a lot of meats or fishes. That can start to get
expensive, especially based on where you shop, but
we’ve done many videos where good nutrition doesn’t
have to be expensive. The real cost to a competition
comes down to this. Regardless if you’re paying for a coach, a trainer, a nutritionist. There’s entry to the
competition, the organisation. Often, if it’s a new organisation
that you’re looking into, there’s a membership, there’s
the cost of the competition, the category cost, often
spray tanning as well, and ticket entry if you wanna
bring friends and family. That can be somewhat expensive,
not gonna break the bank. But just like any sport,
could be soccer, tennis, whatever it might be,
there’s always a cost to kind of progress further,
and I really don’t think competing on stage is
anything more than that. And it’s very, very
rewarding to have friends and family there seeing you on stage. – Shouting you on. – Yeah, definitely do
the math ahead of time, but it’s not a lot of money. You just need to be aware of all of the different additional factors that you might need to account for. – Rob, thank you very much. That covers our fitness
questions, and guys, by all means, if you have any
questions, further questions from what we’ve spoken
about, or any new questions that you would like to ask
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