FITNESS vs MMA / Krasinský, Grznár, Enžl, Bender

Hey Filip !! Are you fucking kidding me? Steroid monsters are fucked Stronger one gets the fuck Dude you got it from YouTube right? Pavlis what did you invent for me? Hi! Hey dude warm my hand So they arrived already? I´m curious about what you brought. Yet it´s the same pump so I´m curious about today. No Pavlis, damn No professionals here Damn what are you doing here?… What are you doing here? Are you kidding me? So far from Pilsen, I´m going to training Krása here is next idiot, it´s possible? On what training? Pavel on training What are you doing here? Hi What´s this for the event? Hi Dude, Pavlis invited me here and didn´t tell me anything so if we go on training, you will be beaten finally okay so I will beat you all, let´s go Damn So let´s go Do you want a Cola? He came here to piss Look at this Hey Filip Come when you do that Wait for what will flow from you in a moment he doesn´t know it yet Pavlis what did you invent again dude…I´ll not get rid of him, damn It´s a destiny No dude, no Guys!…Hi Wait, wait guys don´t take off your shoes, fitness centre is in another place you´re wrong here I can lift even on the carpet dude..wait, what you want lift here? You dude! Nobody has done it yet. Damn you´re heaps, that´s terrible Hi So guys hi, hi…Are you fucking kidding me?! Are you… Dude whose is this? To whom does he belong? He is strange Are you fucking kidding me? You smoke here? no… so you will, but to us today super I like it here already…you will like it so guys, I welcome you here It´s surprise, piles of muscles Do you know how much oxygen your muscles eat? So dudes, Roman is enormous so I´m looking forward to is with me this guy this is Jakub, he´ll help me with showing you what to do and then you´ll show us what with these bodies you can do and Here you change your clothes and we´ll go to the training so I´m looking forward to it, si let´s go! Are you fucking kidding me with that Cola? It is sugar-free how sugar-free?!…again old people when young people will be here ? Guys I send you one girl She is Petra Your Cola…it´s empty Dude you fucked up, that I have to fight with these 40 kg heavier idiots I´ll not move with them, it´s like when you lift truck Guys you´re not in fitness centrum here are not 2 hours for changing you clothes I have your t-shirt 20 minutes is enough for changing clothes right? yes So guys, are you girls? Let´s go! I´m going..where are you going? what? Do you go somewhere on the podium damn? Should I dress up or what? as on a fight Damn Why did you come here? Ask Pavlis right? Damn, it´s end, guys what are you doing? you have cramps or what? you normally have these cramps in your chest? It´s not my fault damn guys t-shirts and we´re going to train Filip, If you were more beautiful, we didn´t have to wear t-shirts What are you doing here? I go to train….here?! you can´t dress up t-shirt dude I want fight can I vape Damn it´s apple, it smells Pavle let him go, we´ll settle him I´ll take him under my wings…thanks damn under these your wings he´ll fit there you can take two like him so guys you had an hour of delay so everything is fucked up, but it doesn´t matter training starts now so it is clear who the coach is here so we start with a rope we´ll warm up Dude Peta don´t look at me like this I´m looking forward to what? when I´ll go home so let´s go, everyone take a rope I always wanted to hit Filip so today here is known mma fighter that one who fighted twice and twice lost second fight was super… you´ll learn from the losses I can´t say yet that you´re dude, this I can say in 3 minutes of jump ropes, maybe in 1 minutes of jump ropes I´ll say that you are dude But I look forward to home, because today Blackout beta so… if I will be able to do anything with my hands I had the jump rope in my hand for the last time at elementary school I had the jump rope in my hand for the last time before 30 kg dude Does he have a genetic disorder? I thought that we were going to fight, not that we´ll jump over the jump rope this was warm up to warm you muscles alright that I don´t have calves, they would hurt me the whole core, the center of the body and neck, cause you will be boxing a little will be fighting so you must warm up the body Down Head up, straight back, hold it with a center of body don´t straight your legs head up not butt head up hold what´s this dude this is ski jumper this is a classic attitude of ski jumper no one will lay his legs I don´t know what I do I will be someone else you came like a looser, raise your legs dude and you leave like a half man You biggest jump dude plank, you´re like a grass snake still good, 200 bench is 200 bench dude 5 seconds I endure I can handle it…what a fuck is this? in your life you have never experienced better coach than me Do you agree with that? yes, yes… super shot however I´m curious about boys in half the training, it will be very difficult with these kg, I also started with these kg and it was terrible so I know how it is and it´ll be hell for them guys you didn´t tell me something you were doing ballet or something like this and certainly in pairs, together should I keep it upper ? It should be on head, you have a same height so you should keep it on the level between your heads last 10 seconds I go to beat Filip When I do this before 30 kg, it was much easier dude mainly he bangs me into the pads and it will pluck my hands dude you got it from YouTube right? he is standing here I rather shut my mouth Dana White should see this, they need mascot to the UFC it´ll be good I´m tottering like a cock I need someone fat, ugly, stupid and that´s exactly him…Now I know, how feel the loosers, when someone is shooting them Do you want Cola or lump sugar? Until now I can´t beat Kuba but in a moment we will change and I beat him your movement is good it´s great Steroid monsters are fucked up You are good? yeah I think that yes you are my favorite It´s here! now I couldn´t kick dude I exhale so let´s go so guys, no jokes now you´ll give everything back to him I´m fresh I´d give them vests with weights to know what it´s pull up Krása young skin can twice yellow skin can twice They are people, who born with beautiful and then they are people, who… it´s not beautiful like beautiful I agree with that Krása is only one you don´t get proficard for this let´s go you have elastic pants like Harapes I´m a cock, I don´t train for a long time the last time I trained at 19 years old it´s hard when you do nothing then it´s hard and I do nothing I do absolutely nothing I should more train to be able to breathe at least for a while, cause I can´t breathe and I just bang to these pads this is terribly embarrassing at the disco is one hit enough this is for a long time I could probably be on steroids, cause I think that they are at the same state He died, I killed him it´s not so big victim I see that you don´t enjoy it anymore so come here again I originally wanted to buy Cola for him but fuck at least 2 dcl for that one good hit fuck I can 1 minute 20 seconds one two three so let´s go not such a force, release your hands One round has normally 3 minutes and 1 minute is pause and here they would want 1 minute round and 7 minutes pause…10 minutes dude old age came knocked on my door damn damn he endured 12 seconds it´s better than at home because I´m young anyone who goes with Filip is okay so guys I show you something on the ground some positions, some lever how to make him breathless look at him look at him I´ll hit you 1v1 he thinks, that we goes on 3 rounds, but in wars is only 1 round he´s fool we´ll give 1v1 it´ll be wars I always thought, that Hans is pure physique and it´s true and now you must pull the butt down I always said to myself from what has Kuba so many subscribes and now I know it position chimney and then it grows Now I´m here on high and I can beat him I´ll take him for the pelvis and this way a take him from myself you know what we want from you, it´s important so to try it out professional round takes 5 minutes amateur takes 3 minutes and junior and girls round takes 2 minutes he is old, he is fucked up.. I see that It´s good that you have good manners you can´t beat pensioner I´m not selfish I beat Filip at moment don´t let go yeah I´m fine you must be up when you throw him I´ll buy you a Cola I don´t want it fuck What if someone wanted to rape you? I will let him Filip you have a date super so guys, which round you will choose? girl´s 2 minutes I always girl´s and under that is what? I don´t know what should be below it it will be round named after you when you are up you´ll do everything to stay there and of course that one, who is down will do everything to get it out of it Kuba will never be up until I´m here Stronger one gets the fuck exactly stronger and older in this case tři, dva… for me is hard like this to get out of bed in the morning lift him and throw him away they go on full power come on him nice lie on him, he can´t come on, 1 minute nice, lie on him he´ll not push you with his hands! 30 seconds 20 seconds maybe Krása had one extra position but… 10 seconds 5 seconds end! and I´ll get the biggest monster look, he will eat me now you´ll be nice to me right? he´ll not be nice to me take off 120 kg is hard but you have 120 kg too it´s good that you have listened when I said something to you in the cage that you started use legs for example and you trying working with pelvises I didn´t think that you would move like that Is quite clear who is the winner, look at him I look like the winner you should know that in the Čr you don´t have to win to be winner exactly so now I will introduce you the biggest fighter and bull so let´s go guys now it´ll profi scene czech MMA Did you see on YouTube these videos, where fighting MMA fighters with down syndrome so now I´m going against one of them you didn´t expect that! please be worthy to me I should be up? 3 minutes so, time? so let´s go…3,2,1..fight nice and c´mon Peta You´re licking his nipple or what? I don´t know not under him good we have submission time? 10 seconds Are you okay? yeah.. how many fingers you see? five fuck you Did you see how I threw him? He is a killer Can we go home now? I have a feeling that the star is born here, here is a hatchery of stars so he just go out of the shell but he looks like that he goes back he looks like an egg a little bit he is my ace Will anyone fight there?in cage? you! I left it to him Fight of idiots win bigger handicap and it is downless Boy I like you more and more…how you annoyed me at start now you sparked feelings in me you´re really talented, brutal talented I don´t know for what, but you are I knew that it turn out that way We didn´t strengthen our belly but now we´re going to stretch it´ll be a little faster yoga we stretch, calm down pulse Look at Peta, he is so talented he´ll break the limits of everything Peta is the best you found a talent! I don´t know for what yet, but… now we´re pulling the opposite hand so left leg and right hand damn everybody does what he wants I want go home chest up 5 4 3 you can tumble behind? it was a tumble? deep breath into chest so guys, end of training stand up we´ll finish the training today you were trying how it looks on the first amateur mma training Filip of course not first you were trying I´m surprised, I have to commend you two you have mobility in muscles, you are moving you working with a center of body you are strong and big thank you! thanks Filip you came after a year I hope that it´s not last time and that it not will be again after a year and now the biggest star of tonight Peta, you´re top do you see me? yes thank you for training super so now we are going to sauna I have here 4 kg of steak tartare but you are a vegetarian right? you´re living on a sugar you can go to the shower thank you thanks so it came here mix of everything we saw an disabilityy crew we saw guys who lift small, enormous, big they tried this I expected horror and you have brought total misery but it was good guys were blue for a while, next white like chameleons but I´m satisfied thank you for learning you how fighting next time I´ll learning you how lift I hope that I didn´t hurt you maybe a little you have a bigger stamina that Conor on a PS this is the another lord he shows us how to do it thanks sometimes we´ll play Tekken without Eddie, it´s for pansy Finally I want hit Filip but it didn´t happened so we will see in Octagon Damn, noo Don´t you overdo it with the solarium? Dude Peto it isn´t Matrix! Dude what are you wearing? you are like Harapes I´m the only one here who has bog legs dude Damn take off the phone, here you´re on training! you are like a girl you must still writing or what?! take off it and come! you saw this in a Grznar´s video? damn I gave a chance to Kuba to be on the YouTube but after today it´s 2:0 for me I´m younger, faster so I let that pensioner warm up


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