It looks like a fight for the planet of the apes I need to give 300 kg on a deadlift and with that backflip In a moment I´ll be better than Tary Hi guys, last time you could see how I beat up Grznár and today I´m here with these favorite monsters wait, wait… you may be glad, that you are in this video with us dad, dad..leave him…enough that you beat me leave him…thanks…okay, hi guys, welcome to the new video last time you saw how we beat ourselves, mainly Bender and today we are ready to next toil parkour with Tary…not with Tary dude…no? dude and with Terry?..with Terry Blitzen? what the fuck is this ? today I´ll introduce you Honza Makula hi, I´m Honza…I´m trainer of parkour and today I have prepared some basics for these guys…really dude? basics? skip basics okay, so let´s to the salto, wallflip, backflip, sideflip… what do you have on your head dude? sorry, it´s from last shooting agent StB Babiš is hiden somewhere here today we´ll get bills okay guys, we´ll start in parkour part basis are sweatpants… I´m the only one who have sweatpants cause I watch Tary Did you see that episode with Bejr? That was super, I like it It´ll be interesting…so we´ll start here we´ll do some skipping, some swings some jumps to the wall and next we´ll go next…so we´ll start with warm up and let´s go!… and will be there that scene from Matrix? damn, be glad that you´re in reality for a while I think that he took the second pill today I don´t know who wants to go back from Matrix If you know, what is the world out of Matrix you would not to go to this world but with the red pill, you´ll stay in wonderland how he didn´t sleep for a three days, so he is fucked up okay so take your shoes and socks and let´s go! I think that it was good You can’t teach an old dog new tricks I´ll not put my hands there like this now I? damn it will be useful once when comes out some parkour game in new collaboration right? yes… so how do you feel? good I think that super I was quite breathing I think that we are doing this similar easy, easy… good that we each have another t-shirt so that no one could be wrong so now we´ll go to the next room, take your socks and shoes I´m glad that we start with the easiest thing it´s almost the same as when you want go out from computer at home over the garbage today I take out pack with garbage about 10 or 20 liters but I take it out after a month easy dude! I can jump from 20 meters didn´t I give too much?? I reached to the shorts to be ready nice gloves it must dry out you can once again you are close so you can take a step one leg and you´ll catch like this the young ones today…you must help to children good, it´s not so high..basics Do I have run? How you want I don´t help to him we look like idiots okay, so we´ll go harder I told it it was almost I touch it with my forehead fortunately it´s there the mattress fuck…I was scared now but I caught it, so it´s okay…it was good Petr it´s not hand cream aha when you give magnesium to nerd´s hands and he spread it conversely I would give it to fingers, on the keyboards so that it doesn´t slip so first obstacle is behind you Honza is too old for it we go to the next and what I to do? there are two steps the first is left leg and next right leg you bounce from right leg you´ll bounce and fly I didn´t see that both legs touch a wall and also your hands help you thanks easy I´m old to it too at Tary they jump over benches and we´re training here to the Morfeus, it´s like for lamas not for lamas, for Lamkas I don´t understand…Matrix is everywhere Honza leads 1:0 you see, dudes you´re still old that was an obstacle for old ones I was expecting something easy, but if that was the beginnig so what awaits us then we´ll jump over fiery circles so Petr, we did it so come to show us that you Matrix it´s easy it´s quite far oh fuck you are most satisfied now thanks…even that happens legs prepare behind and kick you have to get your body ahead again oh fuck, good! I did it! even he did not expect it it was a good advice once again he like it now easy now it´s easy right? in a moment I´ll be better than Tary not like this okay, you did it, so let´s to the next I told you, that we go to the extremes basics are shits, look even Bender did it thanks when I heard that we´ll shoot parkour with Bender I though that he´ll do some tricks from Assassin, but he don´t play it I’m not stupid, so I’m not playing it these shits but in the new one, I sell CD keys id somebody wants? so next obstacles…you can over jumps through a window… fuck you Pavlis I can´t give this you´ll try only sit from it only sit Can I go away? I try it once again an obstacle when we are worse than this nerd easy, easyyy good…I don´t know how it´s possible that you can go through it I don´t understand it too leg up you´re afraid to let your hands right? yes I’m not surprised that he have 2 from Physical Education when I see it…I´ll not give him anything for Christmas dad oh no easy I look like fucking idiot my legs don´t want to let me go my legs are totally stiff I’ll catch you I feel like I´m stiff c ´mon I know that it´s not so far but I have stiff legs it´s not possible just it´s not possible, I feel like my legs stop me what should I do? to there? it wasn´t good but at least I tried it don´t you want to go first? I don´t want jump on this fuck I´m a little bit scared just stand here is scary are you idiot? come here up come here up to us..I can´t do this we wanted to try jump from here to this and fuck, it´s not good for my old body so.. we try it a little lower, cause I´m really scared me too easy dude I can jump here all day it´s easy it´s like VR let´s do it it´s easy don´t be scared nerds are loosing yet I don´t want to jump it…it´s not funny in this height I would like to but I have stiff legs dude I would have to try it on the ground cause I don´t believe that I can jump this distance when I don´t use my legs oh fuck, I´m like a skier fuck oh fuck, I don´t want it anymore even though I´m an angel, I can´t fly they had strong words and now they are scared okay, parkour is behind you it was a fairy well and now we let´s go to some harder things parkour is easy, it´s for everyone I have fear of hights and I jumped here parkour is for children what would you say? I would have to train those jumps on the ground it´s harder than on PS? it requires more movement so probably yes I feel like a prince of Persia I feel like a princess of Persia I feel like IT what?…IT Okay…this is the ugly clown right? this would be better okay so now we´ll try some harder why didn´t this episode end? it should have finished and we could already eat pizza and play games everyone thinks, that MMA is so hard they just laying on the ground..I do this at home too and I don´t have Grznar´s dick in my face I´ll fall down on my face, I know it Mortal kombat what I have to do? kick to the height and swing I have a pause and again I´ll not know it I like it…I need to do 300 kg on deadlift and with it backflip so I have to learn it not that I want it but I have to do it 300 kg I´ve done..300 kg do every young man of course almost everyone, almost everyone you´re not young man, your the oldest from us shut up…I thought on deadlift not 300 monthly for membership on PS dude you have it so expensive 48 attempts but cut it out to only 2 attempts okay? he is from another birth I´m from back birth it was little it was little, don´t look at me! dude what shit have you devised? so wallflip was good somebody…now we let´s go to the wallspin I want go to home and you’ve ever doing parkour? I was there once so something I know but once and you said to yourselve that you´ll learn parkour? so I want to do 300 kg on deadlift and backflip so I have to learn back flip and what backflip with deadlift? 300 kg on deadlift with backflip in the same time and if Tary wrote you, would you go with him? of course,you not? of course! but you wouldn´t go…for these money it costs old skin about a wall can young skin can´t I expect that we´ll do some shits like Tary with youtubers that they jump over a bench but not run over wall, do triple salto it´s fun but man is afraid so he must train´s not possible to learn this about 2 hours I like it, but I´m too old and lazy for this but I´d like to learn salto I tried salto when I was 17 years old but I didn´t do this Bigmac Can I lay like this? I´ll try bend in the back it looks like a fight for the planet of apes I can´t do this I’ll get through it with my hands too maybe I’ll hang up okay, not okay I´ll go to try this wait, wait I go, I´m the oldest so I go first it was close it was soo bad, same like me I badly bounce off I didn´t bounce off fuck you easy it always looks so easy and it´s so hard so let´s to the swing gainer how I do this when I can´t say it what did you say? swingers what do you say to dad? he´s deft…for his age is very deft and I´m proud of him I´ll be teach children parkour I saw only his ass when dad saw children I´ll be there like this no? in conclusion we have challenge for the best parkour guys who gets first through the pit has free entry 3…2…1..go! now turn us off please so we are coming to the end so I have some evaluation here Honza is a little bit older slower, Kuba, mainly that looks good at it and Petr you´re salvation of czech parkour I know it thanks guys come to In Motion Academy and we let´s more jump with these guys so guys I hope you enjoyed today’s episode and we´ll see next time next time we´ll play some videogames perhaps which videogames dude? tetris dude back to the Matrix…you go sleep! tomorrow you have to go to school because you have certainly noticed, that we´re super team write us what you would like to see next time and give us comment and like so guys, last time you could see how I fucked Grznár So hi guys, welcome to… so again and will be there the scene from Matrix? it´s a Minecraft it´s so comfortable it´s not deep so what we have to try next time with boys and remember…Jan Makula followed him cause this guy can do everything


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