Full Body Gym Workout for Women (JUST ONE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT!!)

The Smith Machine can be a pretty versatile
machine, so let me show you a full body workout to show you what’s possible. I have five different exercises that I’m
going to show you today on the Smith Machine. Every now and then I’ll throw things in
on the Smith Machine just to get me out of the dumbbell world because I really love dumbbells. But it’s really cool to use other equipment. These are five different exercises that I
use pretty regularly in my routine. We’re going to start with legs. What we’re going to do is unlatch the Smith
Machine. You’re going to stick it up fairly high. For anyone who’s not familiar with the Smith
Machine, I always recommend you check out the resistance first. Some are light, some are heavy. This one’s got pretty good resistance on
it. So, I’m not really using any weight. I’m more worried about showing you guys
form and how to do this properly. You’re going to take the bar and rest it
on your shoulders. Not on your neck. Split stamp squats. We’re going to put one foot forward. I’m just stepping back with my other leg. The goal with this one is to get my knee as
close to the ground as possible. I’m keeping my head and shoulders up and
really focusing on kicking my hips back because this is really targeting my glutes. I will normally do 12 to 15 reps, depending
upon how heavy I want to go that day. Once I’ve finished, of course, I’m positioning
my other leg. Taking a nice, wide step back, getting that
knee as close to the ground as possible, pushing my hips back, and really targeting my glutes. Then we’re going to hook. The next thing I do if I want to keep my heartrate
up, sometimes I’ll do these in between, or I’ll keep them as a good thing to work
on my flexibility for my legs. I call these duck squats. I’ll start with the bar fairly high and
I’ll work this down to where I’m getting into a nice, deep squat. I’m going back and forth. I’ll do about 15 to 20, but it’s great
for opening your hips. Then I’ll rest. So, I’ll even do this in between my other
exercises, or I’ll do it as a standalone. But I’ve noticed that the more progressively
I’m doing this, the lower this has gotten. So, my range of motion has gotten better. It’s a quick tip, something good for people
to work on. You can do a couple rounds of those. Next, we’re going to go into hanging bench
taps. I usually set this at the highest notch. Make sure it’s locked in. You’re going to grab a bench. I usually position it – these little knobby
guys might be in the way. Hopefully not. You’re going to put your hands about shoulder
width apart. You’re going to step your feet next to the
bench. You’re going to relax. Make sure you have a good grip. You’re going to tap and raise to each side
of the bench. So, we’re getting a little bit of a rotation,
but we’re really working those abs nicely here. With these, do as many as you can. If you can do 10, great. 15? Great. Three rounds. Those are good. Works on your hamstrings, too. Next, I’m going to go into a shoulder press. I’m going to keep the bench the same way. I’m going to slightly lower this. You’re going to be sitting the direction
of the bar. So, what you’re going to do – and this
one, I would definitely not start with weight because it doesn’t take a lot of weight
with these. I have pretty strong shoulders. You’re going to position your body. Nice, tight core. Nice, straight back. This has so much resistance on it I can barely
even reach this bar without using my other hand. I have to use my other hand. There’s a lot of resistance on this bar. You’re going to take that and press it straight
up to the ceiling. Normally you shouldn’t have to use your
other hand, but I’m guessing there’s a good 25lbs of resistance. At my normal gym where the bar is really light,
I’ll add two 5s or 10s. But it’s great because it hits differently
than what you’re normally doing on shoulders, holding a bar this way. It takes it into a different plane. Those are really good. Not the greatest example, but you know what
I’m talking about. Next, we’re going to go into pullups. Now I’m going to bring my bench out here. I’m going to lower my bar and readjust. I want my bench where my feet are going to
reach it when I bring them out. My grip is going to be a little wider than
shoulder width apart. My feet are going to be on the bench. Actually, I’m going to bring this out a
little farther. This is the position you want to be in. My back is straight. I’m going to pull the bar right up to my
chest level and down. See, I’m almost inverted a bit. This really makes your pullups a lot tougher. A lot of times I see people at the gym and
they’re down here and doing stuff like this – which is still hard – but if you’re
really looking to bump it up a bit, elevate your feet, make sure your back is lower than
your feet are, and it’s all about pulling your chest to the bar. All right, you guys. It’s pretty amazing. Smith Machines can be pretty versatile. It’s something I don’t use a ton, but
I do love some of the things you can do with them. Especially, let’s say for your abs. A lot of times the bars to hold to do abs
are really high for girls. So, a lot of times it’s easier to just get
the Smith machine and you’ve got your hanging abs. All right, you guys. I hope you enjoyed the workout. Thanks for joining me today. Check us out on social media. Hopefully you’re following us there. We put some great stuff out. Basically, on a daily – almost daily. Check out ATHLEANXX for Women and I’ll workout
with you guys soon.


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