Full day of diet plan for weight loss NO COOKING Meal prep in low budget / hostel diet Lose 5-10 kgs

Hey guys,to begin with I say sorry coz this diet plan had been requested since a long time and finally I am doing it. Today, I show a diet/meal plan full day of eating plan A lot of people who are students, live in hostel, busy working professionals who dont have time to cook or have no help dont know how to cook, dont want to cook For those people,how do u manage healthy eating. Ur life revolves around restaurant take away, pamphlets, zomato etc So today, my diet caters to such people. This is a full day meal plan for weight loss at home without any cooking hassle. U just need to get these healthy items from market. U can easily interchange the recipes throughout the day U r in a hurry for office/college… u can eat some nuts and prepare a drink with 2 tsp of sattu & water. U can add jaggery powder to the drink I am grating a jaggery cube. U can Carry them to work This chivda(flattened rice) I actually have this snack everyday. For most of u, evenings are convenient for workout. After workout, have ur protein powder. Often, people in hostels do not get proper protein in their diet or they dont have time to manage So this one takes care of ur protein content. Chop half onion,tomato,chillies,cucumber, and green peas. Add them to puffed rice. Making a bhel puri. I am adding roasted chickpeas (bhuna hua chana) U prepare them easily at home Does banana lead to weight gain? Can we have curd in pcod/pcos? U can have curd made at home u can have greek yogurt In milkshake, I dont take normal cow’s milk. I prefer almond, soya,coconut milk. I dont have issues with curd or ghee.(they dont have lactose) U can check it for ur body Curd is excellent for digestive system. Banana help in developing muscle mass. U need these vital nutrients in ur body. dont look at banana as the reason for not losing weight. The reason is something else. Maybe u r eating packaged junk which u should not. Any one with pcod, thyroid, diabetes can have protein powder


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