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Hello welcome back to my channel I’m going to film a full day of eating for you I’ve just, the meals I’m going to have today, I’ve got nothing fancy, nothing special planned I just want to show you easy keto meals a lot of these I would have shown you in the past already but it might just give you some more yummy ideas, so for breakfast I am sauteing heaps of garlic, you can see it’s very roughly chopped, we love our garlic I’ve got a few garlic cloves and heaps of mushrooms and I usually saute in butter but for some reason I put coconut oil in, nothing wrong with that, so I’ve started with coconut oil and when it needed a bit more added butter so it’s a bit of butter a bit of coconut oil, I’m going for all the good fat and in a little bit I will make a hollow in the center and make some fried eggs and this is how I like to get them all cooked together so I’ve got the mushrooms and garlic on the outside I’ve popped five eggs in the middle two for me three for Hubby and I’m just going to cook these until they’re done and that is my super easy breakfast for today, it’s kind of mid-morning and I hadn’t had my hot chocolate yet today, so I decided to put some whipped cream on top because for some reason I’ve run out of unsalted butter, which I usually put in, so instead with my heaps of whipped cream on top, check that out, oh excuse the mess on the table in the background, I home school my boys as well as pens and things everywhere, so that is my yummy mid-morning snack and I’m going out about with the kids in a bit, I’m gonna make a big lunch and I’ll show that to you, and this is my lunch for today it doesn’t look like much it’s very monotone coloured and I’ve made egg roll in a bowl yesterday I knew I was going out and about with my kids today and so I had a bit of forethought and so I made egg roll in a bowl for myself yesterday and popped the remainder into this little lunch box so then today I’ve got food, I’m quite happy eating this cold if you’d rather have a heated up then just try and get hold of a microwave somehow to heat it up while you’re out and about, but I’m happy having cold egg roll in a bowl it taste so good so full of flavor it’s just so yummy and I’ve got a portion of macadamias and also for smacking I’ve got some grated cheese I’m a bit of a strange one, I just I like to just snack on grated cheese okay crazy me, and so that’s what I’m having today I’m going out and about with my boys, Park, will just probably spend better part of the day out there, I’m not going to film any of that it’s just my time with my boys and so that’s what I’m going to eat and I will catch up with you maybe when I’m home later and have an afternoon snack and this is my afternoon snack I had my yummy lunch box was so filling and we home for a little while now and I’m not having strawberries and cream for once, strawberries have gotten so expensive here in Melbourne, just crazy expensive, and I had my cream earlier so what I’m just telling is a bit of coconut yogurt with some chia seeds yes you can have chia seeds on Keto and it’s so full of fiber and so many nutrients and I have chia seeds so often and this coconut yogurt it, I’ve got no problem with dairy but this one’s just got a really low carb level, let’s see it’s got three point eight grams per 85 grams and I wouldn’t say there’s that much there, as you know I don’t actually count my carb,s so I’m just happy with a smallish portion of that and some chia seeds as my mid-afternoon snack and that’ll just do me fine and I will catch up with you at dinner, and this is my dinner bowl, after having a meaty heavy lunch that I would usually have for dinner, I usually have egg roll the ball for dinner, I’ve decided to make a staple lunch for dinner, does that make sense? So I’m having a tuna salad, I’ve got tuna, a big bed of spinach, some feta and some mayo to end my easy yummy day full of low carb keto meals, thanks so much for watching make sure that you leave a like and subscribe for more yummy inspirations and leave a comment let me know if you got any questions keto questions I’ve got my Q&A coming up in a couple of days and so if you’ve got any questions leave them down below and I will answer them as soon as possible we’ll see you again soon bye, that was my six-year-old he wanted to say goodbye too, say bye and do you want to say it too mr 8 year old, no he’s got a mouth full of dinner, all right we’ll see you tomorrow, I’m filming everyday so we’ll see you tomorrow bye.

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