Gary Whitaker, Plant Based Fitness

If your cultural traditions don’t make you
live longer than the previous generations before, then they’re not working. And so my
goal was to change myself first, because I realized that people don’t learn by what you
say; they learn by what you do. And so the only thing I started doing in my family was just
modeling the behavior. My name is Gary Whitaker, also known as Coach G., and I’m the owner and founder
of Plant Based Fitness in Oakland, California. Ten years ago, I was working at an office
job. They used to always, like, feed us, like, all this heavy food. During that whole
span of time, I lost three uncles. Then all of a sudden, I just started looking at long
life, and I was thinking, like, OK, my grandma on my dad’s side died at 64. My grandma on
my mom’s side died at 57. So nobody made it past the age of 65 and I was just like, wow,
that’s young, and I remember one day I was just like, I had enough. I started working
out. I started eating properly and during that time, that’s how I kind of, like, understood
the recipe. And so once I unlocked that, I decided to teach it to other people. In the fitness industry
there was not a lot of people that knew about a plant-based diet or that were advising their
clients about a plant-based diet, and so from that point on, I decided to erect Plant Based
Fitness. When I had Plant Based Fitness I was working in different gyms and I was kind of
like the go-to guy for plant-based nutrition. I had been having my idea of having my own
space and then this place came up. Around April 15 is when I kind of got it, outfitted
the place, and that was kind of how Plant Based Fitness was born. There’s a need for a place
like this, because you want somebody that cares about you outside of the gym, somebody that
cares about you being successful in life, and that’s what I always say, like, this is a lifestyle
business. We make sure that we provide people with the building blocks so, therefore, after
they leave us, they become more sufficient. And I think there’s not a lot of places out there
that I see that make people focus themselves and make people give themselves the attention
that they need. I think the biggest thing for me is I like to see people healthy.
The biggest goal is to create a space where people can come and get
the necessary attention that they need to become healthy and to live a long life.


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