Gold’s Gym Fitness Experience: Coach Ruth Bruhn Explains The Benefits Of Coaching

The benefits of coaching include someone to motivate you a little bit of a family and that encouragement and community. I currently
coach for GGX, which stands for Gold’s Group Exercise. I coach for GOLD’S CYCLE, GOLD’S
BURN, Personal Training, a mix of everything. If you were in my class and I was coaching,
it would be about your experience. I love helping people get better and just being able
to see the change, create that change and play even if it’s a small part. I do what I do because I love helping people. When I see the mindset change it makes what I do
worth it. I’m very lucky that I get to do what I do and help people on a daily basis
and use my degree. It’s kind of nice that I get to use my degree. My mom’s happy about

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