GYM BUDDIES Episode 2: Workout Supplements

it’s so early!
no one is awake this early except for garbage truck women and parents and rob, apparently [wheezing] Aparna you said you wanted to get a gym membership
and now we’re gonna use it! Aparna Aparna! Aparna! [snore]
[snaps fingers] hello! [wheezing] Gym Buddies! [music] [music] [clanking] [breathing] alright, you got this, okay? yeah
oh, w-wait! yeah, okay
ya got it
you got it got it
i’m not sure if I got this you got it
hold on you’re fine
it’s good don’t let go
great ugh! ABORT!!!! ABOOOOOOORRRRRT! that definitely wasn’t right how do you know? it was haaaard! oh my god…. I know what we’re missing Don’t Xplode? yah
so you don’t explode. pre-workout igniter… it’s all natural too, says so right next to the warning label
okay, are you sure we need this? we literally JUST started lifting
quinn, spoken like a true beginner it says
it says we’re supposed to take it with water! [cough] [cough] [drumming] I just feel like really good ya know? ya girl! brrrrrrr! [drumming] [music] hi [giggles] [gasp]
wow… yeah! yeah! yeah! [gasps] it’s a mer person I mean like a merman
I mean it’s a fish person [grunting] whoaaaa I can do this too arrrghh! argh! argh! argh! [chuckles] whee!
whoosh! [grunts] HYPERTROPHY BITCHES! hulk out! [grunting] why are you yelling? it’s my battle cry
I read about it in V nation hulk out! [grunting]
dude… well, at least you’re not- ABORT ABOOOORRRRT! [PAH] Aparna Aparna
abort…abort…[splash] you are NOT getting out of this [sigh] [music] oh hey Rob! oh hey Aparna! whoa… am I dreaming again? yessss yeah? that’s what I thought

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