Gym Divider Curtains

It’s important to get the maximum usage out
of your facility, and one way to accomplish that is to divide it up so that two or more
events can take place simultaneously. To that end we have developed a number of
styles of gym divider curtains that are flexible, economical and easy to install and use. The model 4013 is a walk-draw design. It operates manually simply by pulling it
open or closed as you walk along. This smooth operation is made possible by
a combination of our 1 and 7/16 inch galvanized steel track and one inch polyurethane wheels
placed just 12 inches apart. The lower section of the curtain is made with
19 ounce vinyl. The upper mesh is nine ounce, vinyl coated
nylon with welded seams for maximum strength and durability. Ballast is provided by a coil proof chain
contained in a pocket which runs along the bottom edge of the curtain. When not in use it can be stored flat against
a wall or in a corner. The model 4020 fold up curtain is a traditional
cable suspended curtain installed in faclitys whose ceiling heights exceed 36’. This curtain is installed an adjusted by way
of its cast aluminum cable drums. The curtain operates electrically. The large 2 and 3/8 inch centreline continuous
drive shaft maintains curtain balance. Like its manual walk-draw counterpart, these
electric curtains are offered in either 19 oz. Solid vinyl, 9 oz. Mesh or a combination of the two materials. The bottom section features a fully padded
batten pipe for safety purposes. The model 4025 is a peak fold design that
is the perfect solution for facilities with peaked roofs. This curtain will completely close off the
gable of your building. The curtain is raised and lowered with 1/8
inch aircraft cable spaced no more than 10’. The 4025’s differential drive technology
is responsible for its slope folding capability. This system is driven by a large 3/4 horsepower
motor . Again, this curtain is available in 19 oz. And 9 oz. Mesh combinations. The
model 4040 is our most popular curtain due to its aesthetically pleasing top-roll design. It is driven by an innovative, exceptionally
quiet internal tubular motor. The electronics are contained in a neatly
packaged, overhead structure. The roller assembly provides a smooth, wrinkle
free operation. The fabric rolls to within a mere 14 inches
of the ceiling and is the industry’s first choice when ceiling heights are 36’ and
lower. This curtain is available in our standard
vinyl combinations. Sport Systems is proud to offer customer’s
industry leading divider applications and installation experience. Contact us today to learn how we can take
your project from concept to completion!

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