Gym Logic! (These Make No Sense)

Gym logic. You got guys like me guys like Michael and this creature We’re talking about gym life? gym life? gym life? gym life. Welcome to Reaction Time, today we are looking at another episode of logic. In this episode What do we have Anthony? We have gym logic. How often do you go to the gym? (Never) Five times a week. So like you hit the buffets at the gym? Wait, how many times do you actually work out at the gym? Five times a week. Bro, do you wanna see my abs? Yes, all right look at a picture from three years ago Welcome to reaction time guys. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @ talfishman Make sure to smack. What are you? Mikerosillo And I’m Anthony Riveras Why? We’re gonna look at the most hilarious means of gym logic and make sure to smack don’t touch smack that notification button You’re welcome So for any of you that are familiar going to the gym, you’re gonna see some hilarious moments that you’re all gonna relate to. Are you ready? Yeah, si señor. Drive to gym and only uses a treadmill. What happened to the free weighs? Freeways or free weights? Free weighs. He doesn’t go to the gym. So actually there’s a whole cardio room in my gym just a room dedicate for cardio that people actually just drive to the gym to go on a treadmill or Like a stair climber. No you Know you got to be extra smart. You run to the gym to only use the treadmill then you run back. That’s, That’s the extra smart. What about you just uber back? How many times do you go again? This is gym logic So people drive to places they can walk to and then pay to walk on this thing called a treadmill What’s your favorite exercise at the gym? Oh the stairway. The buffets. Why people go to the gym. Either to get in good shape or, to get laid? Why you exposing our trails fam? You exposing us? Bro that is beautiful. Your turn. Lift it up. your turn you go to the gym more than me, let’s see no, no pits. That’s how you know he doesn’t go to the gym. Lift up your pits/ look what you’re wearing. You look like a sh*tty anime character. Don’t change the story lift it up! So Anthony you go five times a week to try and get laid How’s that been working out for you? Pretty well. I’ve been getting laid in my dreams every night Hey ladies That’s what you do at the gym every time you come in yeah, I just go in and I’m just like Latin over Gym? That’s home workouts. The best part about in home workouts is that you can do them any time like some other time Oh, Guys, I actually got the was it insanity DVDs. I remember that remember that and I No I don’t I did that three times and I stopped. Oh, holy. Fuck. Oh man And then there’s those muscle heads those meatheads bro, he looks kind of good though, yeah scary Governor leave him alone. He’s not even good. Isn’t it? Good? You can’t hurt your legs if you never lift legs, Jim logic Logic Imagine you have like the meanest upper body shredded too big You just think you’re just like yeah sappy hilarious and then we got jim logic Now which one will you choose when you get home from the gym a salad or a doughnut to be honest Most people choose a donor because they think they deserve it after go to the gym But that’s not the logic you need. That’s called Jim Lodge Jim Larkin. I know I should be called diet Logic because next one on reaction time Dialogic friends don’t let friends date – pray Actually, I was like, this is what Michael look like in my case when I first start working out I never worked legs and then I was huge upper body build and then I just had like I’m like Michael I’ll pay you to work some legs. Julie dock my legs like Yeah, it’s not big enough I can though like Dave it was like this is the hardest workout. You just no one wants to do them It makes you tired for the rest of the day for like the rest of the week Your sword you can’t get out of bed I mean like day’s horrible, but you can’t skip it then you’re gonna look like this is pretty bad, especially if you play a sport Sometimes you really need a spotter. Oh my god. You didn’t even get on the rack Every day Some people every day is like that I don’t care about nobody eyes bigger than both their heads. Yeah. Wait Oh you cycler wire is legs so big Steroids, no imagine this man Caro. It’s not work upper body at all. Just works lazy. I mean everyone is huge It’s just like his legs are way bigger All this talking in the gym today must be ja day we got upper body day leg day arm jaw broken arms broken like a Baby like you even you don’t even know When I realized I left my headphones at home one time actually Jo back to my house Iike Bibles All right
I’m just like I can’t get a good workout in if I don’t have my head for LSU there’s three gym logic first good workout pre-workout your headphones and a bomb-ass playlist and you got make sure you do ja Yo, so Michael, what’s up? Why are we working out? Before you leave the gym always remember to React your way. All right, guys(and girls) there you have it gym logic I hope you enjoyed all these and more in the description if you guys want to see more of us make sure to check out gametime wonderful wonderful champ check them out in the description and be so


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