Gym Motivation – Time For BACK DAY

Getting ready to train some back.. We’re gonna kill it, we’re gonna be really intense and you’re giving it every bit of energy you can. I wanted to always be doing the impossible with my physique. I’m thinking of rhythm I’m thinking of feel I’m thinking of contracting that muscle.. I can visualize what I want that muscle to look like. That’s my whole mindset. Each time I do a rep, each time I do a set I’m thinking of the most incredible physique ever. If I’m gonna do a set.. I’m so deep into that set That I know every muscle group.. I’ve already putten myself im that position for that muscle to do the work. I think a lot of people just grab the weight and do the work. I think you should set that body up. It’s all about the contraction, especially with the back. Because you can’t see it in the mirror.. And that’s what we’re gonna focus on. That’s what’s gonna help us to develope a really thick dense back. That’s definitely something that helped me win the Olympia last year.. And it’s definitely gonna help me win it again this year. Enough talk, let’s get to it. The muscles that are in the back are harder to find, harder to see, harder to connect with.. Going into a whole nother world of mind muscle connection. That you probably otherwise wouldn’t have to look for when you can just look in the mirror. But when we’re talking about muscles that are in the back, places that are not as easy to see Without consideration for thought, work, it takes imagination. I understood what my strength would be.. Is always to build a thicker back. I always try to use a mind muscle connection so I always pretty much have my eyes closed when I’m doing this. Only for the strong. Seperation in between the muscle groups.. That makes the back look wider. Pull the weight to you, and lift your chest up. That contracts the whole back. We ain’t done yet!!


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