Gym Motivation – Time For LEG DAY 2.0

A lot of people have great quads.. A lot of people have good hamstrings.. A lot of people have exceptional calves. Try to have a certain area where you just DOMINATE… That stuff comes from a lot of thought, A lot of time, A lot of seasoning.. Not just walking off the street, Yeah I’m gonna do 4 sets of squats, 2 sets of leg extensions and 2 sets of leg curls.. OK I’m done with legs.. Then go do some calves and see my girl by 12.. You can’t.. You’re not gonna be the elite of this game thinking like that. Warm your brain up, Warm your mind up.. Look at the squat bar and sorta think about what you intend to do. I gotta go to the gym tonight and we gotta SQUAT It’s a LEG DAY! Time to bleed! Your body is waking up now, you’re alive. I could never leave the gym a loser. I would have my mind going to the gym, I’m gonna do this many reps with this much weight. I had to make it happen, I had to make it a reality. You’re going through pain, I know what you feeling… But you gotta work through it! And if you work through your pain.. On the other side is a reward!! Listen to me. Your pain ain’t permanent… You can get through this! You’re gonna do what you been called to do! You’re gonna be what you’re called to be! You must understand that.. Before anything great is really achieved… Your comfort-zone MUST BE DISTURBED. There’s always 5 reps. Whenever you think there’s not 5 reps left, You have 5 reps. When you’re hurting, when you can’t breathe, when you can’t get up… You can get up five more times. You said you wanted it.. NOW LET’S SEE HOW BAD YOU REALLY WANT IT.


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