Gym Motivation “Will Power” (speech by CT Fletcher)

Look at that old guy, what does he know Old beat up guy from the streets of Compton Felon What does he know about motivation people? Will Is the key Will Will power Your story motivated me Your story touched the fuck out of me I know a little bit ’bout what I am talking about I know about Coming back From seemingly Unsummonable odds I know about Coming back from doctors Tell you that you can’t Or that you shouldn’t… Oh, you’re too old, you shouldn’t be You should sit down somewhere and take it easy You should sit down sir Because of your diagnosis And don’t do a damn thing Bullshit Hell no Every time I go to the doctor they tell me what I shouldn’t be doing And what I should be doing And what I won’t do, and what I can’t do And I politely go out the door And do whatever the fuck I wanna do And I’m gonna do that Until they through dirt on top of me This is my life And I chose to live it the way I want to live it I won’t let you decide How I live this life I don’t care how long or short it is It’s mine motherfucker And I’m gonna use it how I see fit So your stories motivate me After 35 years of lifting weights Open heart surgery and dying 3 times on the operating table, CT What motivates you? Your story motivates me Your story motivates me The stories of extreme will People that came through something or circumstances That they were not supposed to go through You just ain’t supposed to be able to do it But you did it any goddamn way


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