Hardik Pandya Complete Workout and Diet Plan

Hello Friends, today we will talk about Hardik
Pandya Workout Routine & Diet Plan. Hardik Pandya has worked hard to make his
way up to the Indian Cricket team. He did not have much when he started. His family had financial issues, and they
could not provide him with a rich diet. On some days of his training, Hardik survived
solely on Maggi as he was living alone and did not have much money or time. But he struggled through his challenges to
become a great cricketer and then he had all the resources to eat well and build a lean
muscular body. Pandya has shared in a lot of his interviews
that one of his inspirations is the captain itself, Virat Kohli. He says, “Virat is far ahead of us in fitness
and awareness. He sets the tone for younger players. I see him and observe a lot of his patterns. He never misses any of his training schedule,
his gym sessions. He has shown us the value of eating on time,
training on time and, most importantly, sleeping on time.” And well, that is the image a captain should
create. Hardik Pandya’s Workout Routine.  Before he had access to the gym, Hardik
maintained his body by running and sprinting in open grounds.  He still uses running as a part of his
warm-up along with cardio as his fitness regime.  After his body has opened up and he is
full of strength and stamina, he proceeds to gymming.  His core exercises are – power weight
lifting, leg squats, push ups, pull ups, weighted sit-ups, and crunches.  Hardik Pandya is a good bowler, but he
is now trained to play in all three formats.  Hardik is also a social media buff.  He shares moments from his events and
now even from his workout for his fans on Instagram. He has 2.5 million subscribers! He surely has an amazing fan following. You too can follow his fitness secrets. Hardik Pandya’s Diet Plan. While he was young, Hardik never had the luxury
of eating very rich and healthy food. He was a simple man who ate simple homemade
food. It was after he became the part of the Indian
cricket team when he realized what he should and should not eat to gain muscle and strength. His eating requirements were different than
the other players, especially the batsmen since he is a three format player. There is no restriction on Hardik’s food
intake, but he chooses to eat healthily. He has however increased his protein intake
to help him build a fit muscular body. Most of the time he is out playing with the
team, and the team gets a nice three-course meal every day during their matches. The players feed on a variety of salads, juices,
a variety of beverages, lavish Indian cuisine lunch and dinner, low fat but amazing desserts
and what not! Hardik’s fitness advice for you is simple,
Work, Eat and Sleep, all on time. If you have some other tips, please do share
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