HAWAII BEACH Sixpack Abs Workout | 20 MIN Body Weight ONLY – No Equipment Needed

All right so today we’re gonna go
through a quick six-pack core workout, something you can do anywhere on the
road or at home. Luckily for me, this pretty much is home, this beach right
here – the beautiful Kalapaki Bay is only about a five minute drive from home. So
I’m gonna take you through the workout now. If you’re a beginner, start slowly – do the
exercises one after the other maybe a couple, three, or four sets each. Try to
get at least 10 to 15 reps in each set before moving on to the next exercise. As
you get stronger, or if you’re more advanced and try to do them all in a circuit,
then try to work your way up to doing 4 or 5 rounds through the circuit then
you’re done. Before you do any core exercise, the one thing I want you to
keep in mind is before you start your rep to really brace your core – so pull
your deep core muscles inwards towards your spine, so belly button towards your
spine. Pull your pelvic floor up so it’s almost you know taking your ab muscles
and pulling them in and pulling them up. Once your core is braced
like that you’re ready to start your rep. Alright so we’ll start off with
the basic plank, and as I just mentioned you want to pull your deep core muscles
inward toward your spine and upward keep your spine neutral so you have a
straight line from the top of your head all the way to your hips, and keep your
hips high. Now the main goal here in this exercise is avoid the tendency for your
hips to sag and cause your lower back to sink in or hyperextend. Hold this plank
position for as long as you can while again remaining fully in control. Next up, mostly keeping the beginners in
mind here is a basic crunch. So you want to lay on your back, feet flat on the
floor, knees bent. And then from there, get your hands crossed over your chest – and I
do this to avoid the temptation of pulling at my head and neck – which you
commonly see people doing when they’re you know doing a crunch; and the goal
here is not so much to come into an upright seated position, but to instead use
your core muscles to help to raise your shoulders off the floor. You want to
contract those core muscles as fully as possible and pause briefly in that fully
contracted position before returning slowly and in control to the start. Repeat for anywhere from 10 to 15 reps and then move on to the next exercise.
Alright moving on now to what is called a push-up position knee tuck; and I’ll go
through two different ways to perform these. The first of which is really for
you guys who are beginners. I’m want you to get up into the push-up position with
your core fully braced, and in a very controlled manner, alternate bringing
each knee inward toward your shoulder on the same side so basically contract your
core to drive your right knee towards your right shoulder and then alternate
bringing your left knee towards your left shoulder using the contraction at
your core. Now if you are more advanced or have a stronger core, and you want to
engage your obliques you can do the alternative by bringing your right knee
in and across your body towards your left shoulder and then alternating and
doing the opposite on the left side bringing that left knee up and inward
across to your right shoulder. Again, no matter which variation you’re doing you
want to pause in the fully shortened contracted position for a brief moment
and then return nice and controlled to the start – and continue to alternate until
you’ve done maybe between eight and twelve reps per leg. Heading now into a
reverse crunch – and this is something that’s commonly a challenge for
beginners but really just start out with a few reps and then work your way up to
a higher number of reps as you progress and get stronger. So to do these, lay flat
on your back get your knees and your hips bent to about 90 degrees each. Place
your hands out to the side for balance, and once your core is fully braced,
contract your abs to raise your hips off the floor. Pause in that fully shortened
position, and then slowly in control return to the starting position and
repeat. Now you can make this more difficult, at least by a bit, by either
holding a medicine ball between your feet, or if all you have is a stability
ball then use that. That’ll add a little bit more difficulty to the movement. Alright so moving on now to one of my
favorites. First things first, be sure that you have
a stable surface to hang onto. This is called the stability ball knee tuck. Now
here you have to focus on a few different things at the same time so
it’s a little bit more advanced. Number one you want to keep your deep core
muscles engaged at all times to stabilize your spine pretty much as with
all core exercises, but now you really want to contract the outer layer of your
abdominals also called the rectus abdominis really that’s a six-pack area,
to bring your knees in towards your chest. And now the third challenge is
there’s a degree of instability provided by your feet being on the ball, and
there’s a degree of spinal rotation that you need to know resist using your
obliques as well. So I’d recommend holding off on these until your core
strength has improved if you’re a beginner, but I guarantee once you start
doing these you’re gonna love them. We also have some knee tucks – this time in a
seated position. Two variations. They’re a bit of a balance challenge, so make sure
that you sort of get used to them before cranking them out. The easier variation
here is to keep your hands by your sides as you contract the full range from your
upper to lower abs simultaneously to raise your knees and your torso off the
floor. I want you to hold briefly in that fully contracted position, then return to
the start. And if you’re more advanced, or you want to make this more challenging,
as you come down through the negative you can raise your arms overhead – that
provides a little bit more resistance to your core; it’s a bit more of a balance
challenge on the negative of every rep – just generally a more advanced variation. Alright, and finally I will end here with
a real killer -some windshield wipers. Now, what you want to do: lay on your back,
get your arms out to the side for stability, raise your legs overhead so
you have it approximately 90 degree angle at your hips, and then with your
core braced I want you to slowly lower your legs to one side, and then pause in
that stretched position and use your obliques – contract them and raise those
legs back up to the upright position and then
repeat, heading down on the other side. Now of course if you’re like me, you’re not
super-flexible particularly through your hamstrings it’s gonna be difficult to
maintain your legs fully stretched out. So, if that’s the case I’d recommend just
bending your knees a bit and complete the movement from that position – totally
fine. And that’s it guys for a killer 6-pack core workout here on the beach.
Try it out yourselves from home or if you’re visiting Hawaii, try it out at
your hotel, or even better try it out on the beach! As always, let me know whether
you found the video to be beneficial by giving it a thumbs up, and of course by
subscribing to the channel. New videos are always on the way and I will talk
with you guys soon. Until then Aloha from the beautiful Kalapaki Bay right here
in Lihue, Hawaii!

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