Health & Beauty Foods – Foods That Make You Pretty – Tamil health Tips

Health & Beauty Foods – Foods That Make You Pretty – Tamil health Tips Our face reflects our health and it also shows whether we are happy or sad. Our face shows the symptoms of changes in our body and mind. We don’t notice it and in this video let us see what are the changes come in our face and what are the reasons for it. Unwanted facial hair is a big problem for girls which happen due to hormonal imbalances. It happens due to excess androgen secretion and before removing the facial hair consult your doctor. Your food habits is the main reason for pimple eventhough you keep yourself hygiene. Milk and milk products increase the oil secretion, junk foods is also a reason for pimple. To prevent pimples change your food habits and drink sufficient water. Dark circles are formed due to lack of sleep and taking more acidic foods. To prevent dark circles don’t take too much spicy foods. Some people have small pimple like rashes on face and you may think it is due to allergy but it indicates vitamin A, Zinc, fatty acid deficiency. To cure this add fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet and you will definitely see a change. You lips will show if you have niacin, zinc deficiency. If you have chapped lips this is the reason and dehydration can also be a reason and to cure this take more non-veg foods. We think that skin dryness is caused due to dehydration. Soluble fat, omega 3 fatty acid, linoleic acid deficiency also causes dry skin and we should check this and take steps for cure. Vitamin C deficiency causes wrinkles in face and instead of using creams to cure it take Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables.


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