Health Care: It’s Not Just for Healthy Young People – Between the Scenes: The Daily Show

– Like that’s the weirdest thing to me, where they go, “This health
care bill is not bad, okay? “Like it’s just not good for old people, “and for sick people.” (audience laughs) You go so who is it for? Health care’s only for healthy people? That’s what you’re saying? That’s all you want
your health care to be. We want health care that
is just for healthy people, then why do they need, they
don’t need health care. The way health care’s supposed
to work, is healthy people are subsidizing the sick
people ’cause at some point sick people become healthy,
and the healthy people become sick, and then
we’re all basically helping each other out. You don’t all get sick at the same time, you’re not all healthy at the same time. That’s the way it’s supposed to work! It works like that. That’s how it works, insurance. Now they’re like no we only want to cover healthy young people. Healthy young people are
what are you talking about? (audience laughs) That’s like America saying
you know what, we only want to use our military to
help countries where there are no conflicts. (audience laughs) He’s like running in,
“Sweden, what’s happening?” (audience laughs) Nothing, well we helped, yeah. (hip hope music)


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