Health & Fitness Advice : How to Calculate Calories Needed Per Day

An important calculation to know when you
are designing a weight loss or weight gaining program is how many calories per day you need.
This is Alice Monsaert and I’m going to give you an easy way to calculate just how many
calories you should be ingesting during the day. We are going to take the weight so your
current weight right now. We are going to work for simplicity with a person who is 150
pounds so 150 pounds and we are going to multiply by their activity that they do during the
day so I would multiply by 10 if I did moderate activity which is going to be walking and
some lightweight training. Multiple by 12 if I do hard activity if you know I’m an endurance
runner or a cyclist and I maybe teach several classes a day as a fitness instructor. Vigorous
activity is definitely a marathon runner. Repetitive activity would be someone who lays
brick all day long or delivers UPS boxes so that is their activity level and we’re going
to multiply that again by the weight to get our basic calories per day. So let’s do someone
who has moderate activity and we are going to notice that they need 1,500 calories per
day and most people say wow that seems like a lot. If you eat the right kind of food it
can be a lot of food if you eat the wrong foods then you are just eating a little bit
of food. So 1,500 calories a day for a person that is 150 pounds times their activity level.
Now if they’re on a weight loss program we want to subtract 200 to 500 calories per day
so they either need to exercise more or ingest less. So this person would go down to about
1,200 calories per day. Never lower than 1,000 and really most people need about 1,500 calories
a day so again a simple calculation so if this person needs 1,500 calories they would
really need to up their activity level in order to stay in the 1,500 calories. So this
is Alice Monsaert and I hope that you have great nutrition in your weight loss program.


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