Health Insurance Choices for Colorado Families

I’ve been married for almost 15 years to Kelton. He’s a designer, an architect. And then we have one daughter, Gwendolyn and she’s almost 8 years old. The current piece I’m working on right now is composed of mainly steel and there’s a component that’s in the lake series of buoys and water lilies. So it’s a pretty large piece, it’s probably about, in total about 40 – 50 feet long. Starting at age 27, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Went through treatments to get me through that. Since then really I’ve been in great health up until 5 years ago when I had a heart attack. I was age 39. If Kelton wouldn’t have had health insurance whenever he was first diagnosed, it would have bankrupted him. We were just dating at the time, but those bill as they came in, looking at a quarter of a million dollars every time he was in the hospital. Thankfully he had at least limited health insurance. Ever since then our family has made it a top priority to be sure that we had the best health insurance that we can provide. I think health insurance is absolutely crucial. In fact our friends are used to us preaching about how they must have health insurance and our family knows all too
well what can happen if you don’t. It’s expensive to have health insurance, but it is not nearly as expensive as it would be if we didn’t have it. One of my least favorite things to do is to shop for health insurance. We have a broker who’s been helpful in that way but it is still incredibly complicated. And I feel like I’m a bright gal, I can usually figure things out but there’s just no apples to apples comparison. Our family is very hopeful that Connect for Health Colorado is going to be able to offer not only us but myriad people who not ever had health insurance or were not happy with their health insurance
be able to have an opportunity to get good affordable care. It sounds like what we need in terms of
being able to choose our health insurance. To be sure that we can have
the physicians that we want to work with especially given my history. That’s important. I want to be sure that our family is always covered.

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