Health Insurance : Does Health Insurance Cover Psychiatric Visits?

Hello my name is Vic Schumacher. The company
is HPE Financial Services. The question today is, “How does health insurance handle psychiatric
requirements or mental health?” The answer is, “Not very well.” With health insurance
those topics are centered around the health itself, your body. Psychiatric is centered
around mental. The idea would be, “How do you handle going to a psychologist and having
having a health insurance policy try to cover it?” The insurance company is not in that
business. Very few carriers will handle that particular benefit. It is included in the
policies that they do offer, but very few carriers want to even get involved. On top
of that, once that benefit is used, it does not pay very much. So, a psychiatric or mental
type of benefit through a health insurance policy is something that is, the policy was
not designed to do. Most places don’t even want to discuss it; don’t want to talk about
it. If an individual has the requirement for type of service, they’re going to be on their
own. My name is Vic Schumacher; the company is HPE Financial Services, helping people

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