Health Insurance : How to Cover a Pregnancy With Health Insurance

Hello, my name is Vic Schumacher with HPE
Financial Services. I understand that you are trying to learn how to cover pregnancy
through health insurance policies. That particular topic is very difficult to become involved
in and totally understand. But in a short version of the concept, is that insurance
companies don’t really want to offer that benefit. They charge very much for that particular
benefit, although it is available. If you are, let’s just say, a female, twenty-eight
years old, your typical health insurance policy would probably cost you here in Florida, about
a hundred and twenty five dollars a month. If you want a pregnancy or maternity benefit
added to that, you can anticipate paying an additional hundred dollars a month just for
that benefit. All of those benefits for maternity will cover the pregnancy and will cover a
normal delivery. The benefit package itself probably will be no more than maybe four thousand
dollars, and there will be a two year waiting period before they play the entire benefit.
So the idea is yes it’s available, but is it really worthwhile? It’s a very good question
you have to ask yourself. My name is Vic Schumacher, the company is HPE Financial Services, helping
people everyday.

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