Health Insurance: International students at ASU | Arizona State University

As an international student studying at ASU, health insurance is mandatory. Fees for Arizona State University’s health insurance are automatically added to your student account every semester. If you are a sponsored student with – approved sponsor insurance on file, you may be eligible for an automatic exemption. Make sure your financial guarantee is up to date with Student Business Services, and check to see if your sponsor is approved here. All spouses or children also living in the United States need health insurance, too. They are not eligible for public assistance medical programs or insurance provided to low-income U.S. citizens and permanent residents. J-2 insurance is mandatory for spouses and children of J-1 students. If you are a J-1 student, do not forget to submit a proof of dependent insurance to the ISSC office. F-2 insurance for spouses and children of F-1 students is not mandatory, but highly recommended. Visit the ASU Health Services website to learn more about health insurance and services available. ASU Health Services is dedicated to the well-being of each ASU student and offers a wide variety of medical providers and services. An on-site pharmacy x-ray, and lab services are also available. Appointments can be scheduled online, in-person, and by phone. For immediate concerns, walk-in appointments are available. Your visa status is your responsibility. Failure to maintain your visa status or maintain adequate health insurance has major consequences. We are here to help you with any visa or immigration questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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