HealthWorks! Youth Fitness 101 – Warm Up | Cincinnati Children’s

[Music] Hi I’m Becca welcome to the warm-up
section of our workout today The warm-up is meant to get your blood flowing and your muscles warmed up for the rest of your workout Are you guys ready? All right let’s started with some arm twists Good job guys Keep going keep your arms nice and straight Keep your legs shoulder-width apart Great get your blood flowing
throughout your body great job guys All right we’re gonna go into arm
circles so we’re gonna circle forward forward good job Sarah
keep going keep your legs shoulder-width apart take a nice deep breath in and out
but now we’re gonna circle backwards great good job keep going nice big
circles great job now we’re gonna stop we’re
gonna do broken bridge side to side you guys ready we’re gonna lean good and
stretch keep your arms going from side to side
stretching your obliques getting ready for your workout today nice job good job
guys keep going side to side great last three last two and last one
good now we’re going to take our arms up nice
and high bring them all the way down to the ground and we’re gonna pulse twice
stretching ready so pulse 2 1 2 great now stand all the
way back up and our arms out to our side and we’re gonna take our arm and reach
it down to our opposite foot staying nice and low we’re gonna switch back and
forth good job back and forth keep going guys to your opposite foot keep going
keep going side to side Sarah keep your back nice and flat good job your legs
nice and straight – Chavez Lina great great job guys last three
last two last one good stand up nice and tall walk your feet in just like that
we’re gonna do calf raises so you’re gonna go up on your tippy toes and down
and up and down then we’re gonna roll our shoulders forward keep doing your
calf raises good and rolling forward good now we’re gonna keep our keep
raising your calves good job and roll your shoulders back good last three last
two last one great job guys now we’re gonna take a big step forward
we’re gonna lunge forward you’re gonna drop that back knee good whatever leg
you lunge forward with you’re gonna take your hand and put it on the inside of
your foot good job now you’re gonna put one hand on the floor and reach other it
all the way up to the sky and down all the way up and down good keep going I’m
gonna come around great job Sarah keep your hand on the inside of you good and
reach all the way up to the sky and down keep going great now go into tabletop
good and go back down into Child’s Pose so lean all the way back pulling your
feet back little far those lean a good job guys take a nice deep breath in and
out back into tabletop and lunge your other leg forward good job
put your hand on the inside of your foot take your leg or take your arm all the
way up and back down all the way up looking at your fingertips and down good down last one up and down go into
tabletop take a nice deep breath in you ready and now we’re gonna go into
downward dog so we’re gonna go all the way up and
walk our hands to our heat stand up nice and tall good go ahead and we’re going
to take three the big deep breath in ready inhale and exhale and inhale and
exhale last big breath in inhale and exhale great job guys you completed the

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