[healthy food/다이어트 레시피] 수플레프리타타 / 냉장고를 부탁해 / 홍석천 수픈데 오믈렛 / 김풍 자투리타타 / souffle frittata

Thinly slice the onions (If you like a sweet taste add in a lot of onions) Cut the spinach into big slices because it gets smaller while cooking~ Rip the oyster mushrooms using your hands Empty the tomato with a spoon Unless there will be too much water You can use cherry tomatoes too! Then slice the tomato These are homemade sun dried tomatoes! I used the oil from the sun dried tomatoes, but you can use olive oil Stir fry the onions until it shows a brownish hue. Pour some water when it seems its about to burn Some frozen whole garlic and crushed garlic! oyster mushrooms~ Adding some boiled chickpeas! You can use canned chickpeas also I added some frozen broccoli and tomato slices Sun dried tomatoes! I removed the oil Add some spinach. Turn the heat off and stir the ingredients Separate the egg whites and yolks Make sure to do two eggs! Whip the egg whites. Add any seasoning if needed Add some pepper and stir the egg yolk. I love nutmeg so I added a lot! Mix the egg white and yolk together Pour the fried vegetables on a tray and add the eggs on top or mix it altogether Cook it in a 180℃ preheated oven for 20 min I’m going to make a simple sauce. Chop up a small amount of onions Stir fry the onions with a bit of crushed garlic Add the leftover tomato insides from before, water and half a bay leaf Finished! The souffle frittata is done~


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