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I’m back with another whole wheat bread recipe! Today, I’m gonna make nutty quid ink bread with oven and without oven! The whole wheat flour I’m using is from “Bob’s Red Mill” Make two small wells and add salt in one of them and dry yeast in the other. Coat the salt and yeast with flour carefully. Making bread is always pretty much the same. When they’re coated, mix the dry ingredients well. Prepare about a cup of lukewarm water and put squid ink in, the star of today’s video! You can easily find it online. That little bag of squid ink weighs 4g. Dissolve it in the lukewarm water. It might smell a bit fishy at first, but when it’s incorporated into the dough, it’ll add subtle nuttiness to the bread! I know it looks weird but it’s super flavorful, trust me. Add the squid ink mixture into the dry ingredients and a bit of oil as well. Stir to combine with a spatula. You’ll see that they are starting to come together slowly. That means it’s time to knead! The road of suffering is ahead of us. LOL When I’m kneading, I’m always torn whether I should knead it super hard so that it’s soft. I think about all the gluten that’ll form as well. Well, I decided to stop kneading when I’m tired. LOL (You really shouldn’t,,,) I wanted soft bread so I kneaded the dough pretty hard. But the dough didn’t look or feel that different. Anyway, the dough should be firm. smooth and elastic. Place the dough back into the bowl and let it sit for 40 to 50 minutes until it doubles its size. It’s proofed really well, right? I’m gonna use a scale to divide this in half exactly. I’ll bake one with an oven and the other with a stove. Form a ball with your hands. Let them sit for 10 to 15 minutes in a room temperature place. It’s time to shape the dough. Deflate the dough and shape it into a ball. Roll it out carefully and when it’s rolled out to an extent, fold the sides to the center and roll it. Pinch the edges to seal it and turn it over so the pinched part goes to the bottom. See, shaping is not that hard! I have two shaped dough balls ready! I put one into a loaf pan and the other into a big pot. Let them sit for another 40 to 50 minutes until they double their size. Bake one in a 180°C oven for 30 minutes and the other one goes over the stove! Turn the heat to low and use a pot with thick bottom. Make sure that you’re using a pan with non-stick surface! I didn’t think about that first so I transferred mine to the non-stick pan when it’s already cooked halfway 🙁 It was so hard. Close the lid and cook both sides for 15 minutes. Add a splash of water to the pan and close the lid! That way, your bread will cook all the way through much easier. Poke it with a tooth pick and if it comes out clean, it’s all done! The oven-baked one looks so fluffy! The one baked over the stove looks quite flat but it’s cute 🙂


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