[Healthy food/다이어트 레시피] No오븐 No밀가루 브로콜리 브레드 / 브로콜리 빵 / No oven No flour / Broccoli bread

I’ll prepare the dry ingredient mixture first. I used almond, hazelnut and oatmeal. But you can use any other nuts you have at home! I’ll blend them away as I always do 🙂 That means this recipe doesn’t require any flour! Today’s recipe is form ‘Green Kitchen Story’! I’m using broccoli here but you can use any vegetable of your choice. I blended the stem as well to incorporate more fiber to the bread. That’s about 200g of broccoli. Add the broccoli into a blender or a food processor and blend finely 🙂 If you want more texture, you can leave the mixture a bit chunkier than mine. Transfer the blended broccoli in a bowl. Add in the blended nuts to the bowl. The basic dry ingredient mixture is ready! It looks super green in real life but the camera makes it look like it’s grey… Crack in some eggs and you’re set! I added the third one later to adjust the thickness. Season it the salt or any herbs that you like so that the bread comes out perfectly to your taste 🙂 The batter is done! Line a frying pan with parchment paper and put the batter on top. Use your hands to form a disc. It might stick to your hands a bit because of the eggs. I went for pizza shape 🙂 When you’re baking with a stove, put it over low heat and let it cook for 30 minutes. The bottom might get burnt before the whole thing is cooked so pay attention to it. Close the lid but not completely, for it might trap too much steam and make the bread soggy. If you have an oven, bake it for 25 minutes in a 200°C oven. This bread can be used to make canape or sandwich. It’s almost spring so I tried to make it look like pizza with vibrant, festive colors! Steam one half of a sweet pumpkin. Remove the skin. Only using the yellow inside of the sweet pumpkin and mash it to make puree 🙂 Season with salt, pepper and honey. You can adjust the amount to your taste. I’ve been mashing things a lot in my videos recently. Haha I used beetroot to make the bread more colorful. If you’re using beetroot as well, boil it lightly before use. That’ll reduce some of its distinctive root vegetable flavor. It kinda bothers me from time to time. LOL Chop the beet and throw it in a blender. Add some yogurt. We’ll gonna make yogurt sauce! I added some thyme thinking it might go well and it really did! Lastly, add a touch of lemon juice and honey and we’re ready to blend! I used raw beetroot here so in order to reduce that root vegetable flavor, I added a lot of honey… I suggest you guys to boil it before use!! Blend it away and you’ll have gorgeous red yogurt beetroot sauce 🙂 You can drink it as smoothie every morning if you reduce the amount of honey. Look at that color! It’s almost like I used some kind of artificial coloring LOL The one that’s baked in the oven feels a bit crunchier and drier, sort of like toasted bread. The other one that’s cooked in a pan feels softer and fluffier. Remove the parchment paper and it’s done! Spread a generous amount of the sweet pumpkin puree on the bread. I just spread it without being too precise to give that rustic and organic vibe. You can make all kinds of different dishes with this broccoli bread! I think it’ll make a great sandwich bread as well. Drizzle the beetroot yogurt sauce on top! I was pretty ambitious but it’s not turning out as I expected… I’ve seen many food bloggers making this look so pretty, why is mine so… Well, it looked rather blend so I added some plain yogurt on top. …That’s even worse. I’m not good at styling my food… I just place some apple mint and called it quits. The bread itself taste very good, it’s nutty and quite filling. I highly recommend this recipe 🙂 It has refreshing yogurt sauce on top and the sweet pumpkin makes this dish super filling as well. You can make this bread without oven so I really hope you guys give this a try 🙂


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