[Healthy food]Japanese Instant porridge, Cheap one and Fancy one which one is better? #064

Yeah, good egg smell !! Smells like crap already Hey guys, welcome to Rion’s TV.
I’m Rion I Got those right here.
Do you know what are those? Yes That’s right That’s porridge You know, the porridge is really popular in Japan. We eat in any occasion
sometimes, you know when we get sick we usually eat the porridge and sometimes we don’t wanna eat that much,
then we eat porridge You know after you get hangover then we eat porridge as well Well, so I believe Japanese people love porridge So today I got the four kinds of porridge Those three are from Ajinomoto
this one is red bean taste and this one right here This is the egg taste and this one is plum taste.
So those are 100 Japanese yen Look at this one, it looks like fancy right? Yes This one was 200 Japanese yen, which is double price Compared to this Ajinomoto one
well, actually this one is not from Ajinomoto This one is from the table company, which I’ve never heard.
But anyway, let me taste one by one Let me share the taste.
Let’s eat. So this is how I can cook I just need to put this into the hot water
and then wait for five minutes And take it out, and Eat it All right, so let me warm it up. Okay, so I warm it up and it’s ready Let’s try one by one.
So the first one is Umegayu Smells like plum Well, so this is how it looks like, huh, it doesn’t look good let’s eat !! Well, actually there is a whole plum inside Let me eat Well, I thought there’s no taste
but then there is I don’t know what kind of taste
well for sure. It’s plum Yeah, it is kind of salty I realized that I have to mix it
so that I can feel more plum taste Okay, I think now it’s ready.
Let me eat Well, I think it’s not bad at all Well, I personally don’t like plum much
but then if you like plum then pretty sure I think you like it And this is only 100 Japanese yen,
I think it’s pretty good So next one is Egg Well, this one looks better and then yeah, smells good.
Yeah because I think I like egg Yeah, good egg smell
So let me taste it Yeah, it’s good Well, I think this egg tastes better than the plum tastes this one is not salty But then a lot of big egg flavors. Okay, so let me try the next one That’s Azukigayu which is red bean taste.
Well, actually, this is my first time to eat Azukigayu Red bean taste
Interesting I am wonder how it tastes like Well, so this is how it looks like,
okay, so let me try yeah Well smells like Red bean First of all, I don’t like it I know that
This is Azuki Well, how could I explain that? There is not so much taste
not salty, not sweet then You know a red bean flavor.
That’s it This red bean Azuki tastes
usually old people love in it, but then not for me If you like Red bean, then tried it.
Let me try the next one. This is the last one
this is a crab taste As I told you this one The price was double
so it should be good. Yeah, those are 100 Japanese Yes, but the this one was 200 Japanese So let’s try It smells like crab already Pretty sure I like it Okay so let me try Well, actually there is a tiny crab meat inside Yes Definitely there is a seafood flavor.
It’s good and egg flavor as well Well, also I see the small crab like this I Like it. Mmm. Let me taste one by one
and let me rank it The plum
Not bad The egg This one is kind of good as well Red bean Wow definitely red bean is not for me and crap Hmm number one is crab I think,
yep number two is egg and number three Is plum, and the last one is Red bean.
Red bean… I don’t like it It is pretty good, Actually,
you know, those are 100 Japanese yen Then this crab taste is 200 Japanese yen, which is not bad at all You just need to warm it up and that’s it. You can eat it I believe this porridge is healthier than instant noodle. so, it’s good. Yep So pretty much that’s it The porridge is really popular in Japan
if you come to Japan and in the hotel If you get hungry or something or you don’t feel good, then just get the porridge, you know Pretty much you can buy it in anywhere in Japan
and the taste is not bad at all It’s less calories and also it’s much healthier than instant noodle. That’s it Thanks for watching my video and please subscribe to my channel and if you liked the video, please thumbs up And also, please check my other videos as well.

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