HIDE AND SEEK IN THE GYM w/ Shawn Johnson!

Hi I’m Megan, I’m Ciera And I’m Maggie And we’re from the Cheernastics2 – Shawn is back with us because we are going to be doing a hide-And-seek in the gym So we have to two different teams, it’s me and Maggie versus Megan and Shawn Basically we’re going to have one team hide in the gym The other team is going to be timed to find the other team and then we’re going to see who can get the fastest time Me and Ciera are going to win, giggles, No We’re going to win. Let’s Find out! Hey, honestly lets help each other hide like where are we hiding like where are you hiding? Oh? Ciera where are you hiding I love—- Hide far apart Okay, where should I hide? Guys, I don’t know where to hide, I feel like– I don’t know where to hide, a minute is not a long time at all, Okay honestly where should I hide? Ugh I don’t know what to do! Okay, I’m tempted to just I’m hiding under here What’s the heck okay, literally where do I hide? Sierra where should I hide? Sierra Okay, I’ve got a mat on top of me Sierra, I don’t know where to hide Hurry up Maggie. I’m literally just gonna walk around this as they’re like going Wait seriously. Yeah, oh my God Unless you have a better idea. What? Do you have a better idea? Ready, set We’re going to stay together though? Yeah, go Um let’s go Yeah let’s go look underneath that mat. I’m about to step on you Oh, wait. I found you! I see you! I don’t want to step on you! Haha Kay, We have to find Maggie now. I don’t like pits, I don’t think Maggie would be in the pit, No. See daylight. Oh your chalky, I know! *Laughs* No! She was rotating around the back. I was literally walking around the back! I thought for sure when you guys walked you would have saw me! About a minute 54 seconds, did you seriously there was a lot? It was really brilliant. I… am thinking I’m going to take a look in the back of the gym Probably going to get really Chalky I need to rearrange the mats Hold on I may go help Sean Are you gonna head under matt? Yeah Do you need help? Or do you think under this one? What do you think? Yeah Here I’ll hand under I Don’t know this one. Just like set it on top of the beam? Yeah Alright, here I’m gonna set this up. *Giggles* Yeah, I need to find my own spot. I feel like if you go in the back at least it takes them longer to walk to it You can get under that tumble track, you can? Yeah from the pit. I’m running. Now I’m squeezing in there. Time to go on a tour I can’t breathe Three, Two, One, Go Literally taught you to be out of your paw week. They are another time they’re honestly under this Just jump on she’s our only hope Yeah, careful, I See what you’re saying careful. You know how I? Get to be a girl I Say, what’s a while welcome to do Go find her what over a Mac like. Where you? I’m sorry, bruh. What’s ahead you go back go ahead Definitely in the page oh Dragon you lecture you right in the middle or but I don’t know think like Megan. Where would you hide them opinion? Hey, what’s the time on 6:33? Oh? Here see dinner. Yeah, what if you can send them? Oh? I got on here. I know sounds like to me seven real if you guys don’t like this video make sure you give it a thumbs up our lego for this C is going to be at Twenty five Thousand lights also go ahead and comment down below where you would hide if you were playing times each image Mask in also since it is slipping credit. I mean there’s a new tea sequence remember of the week clip squeaks Cutie number is If you want you have to be next week CC to number all you have to do is hashtag PcT Number on picture unit cheer drastic on Instagram also. Thank you so much to sean for being our videos this week It was a lot of fun Yeah, you guys took out her channel it will be links down below subscribe your channel watch the videos that we did on her channel and The very time you’ll see you on Tuesday. Bye

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