[laughing] Oh shit. [I can’t] Hold on, hold on, hold on. What up everybody? So this is a probably my most highly requested video. Like, you guys would love if I did this every day of my life. I currently got my boy Ahmed behind the camera. [What’s good y’all?] I wanna try him out. See how we vibe together and today I’m really just gonna workout. As you can see by my demeanor, didn’t really want to come to the gym today. My mom told me that I should, so I did, I got here. That’s the hardest part. So we gonna put something together for y’all. On days like now, I don’t really have a routine because I’m just getting acclimated back to the gym and that could be a good month, two months for me. I’m just getting acclimated. The puzzle pieces will fall into place on their own, but for now, I just improvise. I’ll go in, I’ll see something I wanna do, I’ll hit it and it’s also depending on how my body’s feeling So the other day I did ten sets of 10 squats. I’m still feeling that hardcore on my legs, like hardcore because I haven’t squatted in so long. So today I think I’m gonna do a focus on my upper body more so than my lower. So I’m not gonna deadlift today. So I’ll probably benchpress, mess around the little arms and what you guys are gonna see today, my workouts not gonna be too long. I’m not gonna do anything too crazy at all. It’s gonna be short, simple, get my blood flowing, get me feeling right, in and out bang boom boom boom bomb done. That’s it. That’s gonna be my workout, so let’s go. This is gonna be a kind of comprehensive gym video because I’m gonna show you all little things. Like right now, I’m gonna use Air Pods for my music, which not something I would generally do but I bought these little things right here as you can see, because Air Pods without these are one of the worst head phones in history, but if you have these things, they actually stick in your ear, and they actually have their advantages. So, today I decided to rock with the Air Pods. Normally, I would use Beats or Bose over the head headphones, but today we’re gonna rock with the air pods. Having a little trouble putting these on and while I’m putting these on, as you can see, I’m not too focused on my gym outfits right now. I’m currently washing my rawr gear, so I couldn’t wear my own merch, so I’m just wearing anything basic right now. Yo, that’s when you pan. Oh, you a rookie. [It’s the grey] You a rookie. [Nah] You a rookie. [Nah, because I thought you was gonna show out the rawr merch but you weren’t wearing it] So you gotta- you gotta always pan down [Alright, I got you, I got you] These are actually my running shoes and the reason I’m wearing my running shoes. [I had to put on the running shoes. You shouted them out bro] The reason I’m wearing my running shoes for the workout is because I don’t have to change to run at the end, I could just keep my running shoes on and go run, so it has its advantage. So unfortunately right now, I don’t have any go to music and that’s upsetting. Like, there’s nothing that like, I really could play and be like, yes let’s go. I’m just gonna put on a random playlist but okay. Okay. Alright, let’s do this. Warmup. So that’s really just like, even pre-warmup. That’s not even a warmup set. That’s just like, get your blood flowing like, feel good a little good at the gym. Wait, wait, wait, how much did you say you could do the other day? [275 one rep] You could do it? [No] [lauging] See? If somebody says they can do something, take them to the gym and see if they can actually do it. [I can’t do 275. That’s just way too much] How much can you do? [I don’t know. I haven’t benched in a cool minute. I haven’t benched in a cool minute] We’re gonna try 225 for you. [I can’t] You talk- that’s not 225. Here hold this, hold this. [Load up, load up] Wait till I get there. [Alright, I got you, I got you] You ready? Siri’s playing with me. [Bro, it’s siri] Shut up. This is light work, because I’m not really going my hardest, I’m just- you know, doing what I need to do to get by Easy. That felt good. That felt really good. Now what I should do is do sets of ten at that weight, but I’m gonna go to 225, I don’t know why. [Yo- oh my god] Let’s get it. 225, easy. [All the single ladies out there, easy] Light work. [Light work] Okay, you know how to sit on it, that’s good. [I’ve benched before, I’m not that much of a-] Let’s go. Don’t hurt yourself though, please. [I’m not] [Oh] [laughing] Oh shit. [I can’t] Hold on, hold on, hold on. Oh my god. Oh no. [Stop, stop] Oh no. [Hey, I was playing with y’all, but he thought I was serious. At least I got it off, at least I got it off] You said 275. I lost more energy right now lifting that off of you then doing it myself. [The thing is, I don’t have gym attire] That’s why? [If I came with basketball shorts, game over] [Look] [I mean I look fresh, but like] [but like, it’s nothing- there’s no, there’s no-] That doesn’t affect anything my dude. [No, trust me] And guys, if you’re saying why don’t you encourage him? I. I beg him to go to the gym, he’s like, nah I can bench 275, I don’t need it. [What you mean? Oh, so you beg me now?] Yeah. I haven’t been brave enough to try more than five on my own, that kind of upsets me, but it’s whatever. [I wanna see 5 clean, clean reps] He wanted me to do six clean, so I needed a spot. I couldn’t do that on my own. Thank you Sam. [Ayy bro, there you go] See? Having him there though, mentally let me know that in case I struggled, he was there. So it gave me that help to get to six. Where as if he wasn’t there, I would have been too scared to try that six because I would have mentally told myself, I couldn’t do it So he came- you know, that’s why it helped. That’s why spotting helps, it’s mental. Like, you look skinnier after that set. After you walked in here. [That wasn’t even a rep bro] It was bruh. [Nah, I don’t need it. I can’t, I can’t do it] [I can’t even get that up] Yeah you can. [I can’t even get that up] Sam got you. [Nah, I don’t wanna waste his energy. can’t even get that up] Yes- he got you. [Oh my god. Again] Oh no. [Like I’m saying, I can’t get it up] Yeah, there you go. How much were you spotting? [Umm, barely helped him] Barely helped him. [Barely helped him. Barely helped him. Easy, easy] Damn. I haven’t even entered beast mode yet and I’m not talking about just today. Like, there’s gonna be a time, and I’m calling this right now, where I walk into the gym shredded. 315 on my own, like, shredded. I haven’t even activated it yet guys, look at my demeanor. It’s all in the demeanor. Aahh. [Get that up, get that up] Now, I know for a fact, some of y’all are upset with arm day. For a fact. So I recently have stopped putting an emphasis on my arms but what I would do just to give myself a quick burst so I feel like, you know, I did arms, I’ll do this. So what I do, Like, I’m gonna grab the 20s right? For example and I’ma come here and I’m just gonna, one, one, two two, three, three, four, four, five, five. Very controlled. Not on the way down, but you know what I mean, like, seven, seven. Just slowly isolating each arm till I get to 10 each. Nine, nine. Probably missed a count. Ten, ten. and immediately picking up 25. One, one, two and then immediately with the 30s. Which 30s aren’t that light to me anymore after doing those two sets. I love staring at myself in the gym because I know that I’m the only one who can do this for myself. I’ll do like, three sets of all of that, but that’s if I was doing arms. I’m not really feeling that today so we’re gonna keep going. There’s a reason I’m gonna do legs right now. Although I said, what did I say? I squated two days ago. My legs are done, my ass is done, but there’s a but. I’ve always wanted to prove this point. I’m gonna talk a lot of shit right now. They see the weight that I do on here and they’re like, boy you a bitch. That’s all you do on leg press? Bro, I fill this up, I fill this up, and then I have six of my homies stand on top. That’s because this is what you’re doing. Let me show you what they’re doing alright? They do this. [Nah, see that’s not, nah] What is that? [You got to get a 90-degree angle] So I start very light and then very isolated. I make sure my knees aren’t buckled right now. I’m not straight out. My knees, there’s no pressure on my knees right now and I just That’s it. I can not do it right now because after all that shit talking that was the most painful thing I’ve ever done in my life right now My ass is buckled. So, I just wanted to prove that point Basically, do not think that for this leg press machine to be effective, you have to load all of it. Like, I see some dudes like, 150 pounds doing that like, what are you doing? I usually use free weights. If I’m not using free weights, I’m using cables. If I’m not using cables, I’m using the military bar but for today because like I said, I’m improvising I’m gonna try out these right here. So once he’s done, he just finished that rep, I’ma work in real quick. by the way, you always ask. He already said I can work in. Always ask if you can work in, don’t just but your way into somebody’s machine but. We’ll try to- we just gonna change it up. Now obviously I can do more than this, but I wanted to get acclimated with the machine, since I don’t have experience with it. That felt good. So now I know I can add more weight and also what I was doing, instead of just like, mini presses I was fully extending. Making sure my pecs are fully contracted as you can see and then releasing. So I was able to use light weight but still make it effective. It’s not always about the weight that you do. I couldn’t do it, so I had to improvise my way out of that workout to get the last five out. So I decided to isolate them instead of doing it as a compound. Now normally a break time would be a perfect opportunity to be on your phone, trying my best not to be. So, while I wait, I’m just gonna drink some water. As fun as the phone is, it could really slow down your work now and take off the enthusiasm and like, the oomph of your workout. Really takes you out of it. So, you know, you have so many hours in the day to be on your phone, try to make the one time and I’m trying to practice what I preach. Try to make the one time you don’t use your phone, the time you step into the gym. Again guys, improvising. It wasn’t a plan. Just improvising as I go. Wait up, I got more in me. [You got this bro] I feel great man, but I just don’t know what to do next because I lowkey didback, I think yesterday. As well as biceps and triceps. Very limited. So I really don’t know what I want to focus on right now. I’m feeling good though. We’re already gonna wrap out chest right here. So I did flat bench, then I did my incline right here on this machine, and now I’m gonna do my flys on this machine. So just changing up the way I do workouts that I’m very used to. Like normally I would do incline press with the free weights, I would even do the flys with the free weights, either on an incline, a decline or a flat bench but now I’m gonna do it here. Again, I don’t know how much weight I need, but we’re gonna figure it out as we go. Ready? I feel like that was the perfect weight because by the 10th one I was done. I said no phones, but my video finally processed so I have to post it for you guys right now. That’s the only reason, I swear. I usually publish my videos while I’m out and about. That’s the only reason, see? Putting the thumbnail. My fingers are shaking from my workout. I’ll put the title, umm. Went on a date. See? I’m not gonna let that get in the way of my set, that’s already enough rest. I gotta get my second set in. I lost focus. I lost focus. Damn it! Hold on. Damn. I started thinking of something else entirely different from what I was supposed to be thinking about and I totally messed up my set. I don’t know if you guys can tell, my arms are down like this a little bit. I didn’t adjust the seat before I started. That’s better. Now I’m like this instead of how I was which was like this. Now I gotta get my video up. Let me post the video while I do this. Look, notice this doesn’t have the arc that I wish it would have. and I don’t want to put something under it because it just feels like od. So I’m gonna make it work for the height. As I publish my video. Watch this multitasking. Rest for a second. Posting the video, posting the first comment. [It’s easy bro. It’s light] Aahh, fuck. I’m watching my vlog as I do this. I always watch my vlog after it goes live. [How you feel?] I feel good. [Feeling good?] So, I would normally run right now that fast. It wasn’t even a long workout but my legs are killing me so bad. So I don’t know how it’s gonna be but we’re gonna try alright? Emphasis on try. Alright, here we go. Let’s try it. Oh my god. That already hurts. Whoo, I don’t know if I can do it. That hurts a lot. [You got it bro] On speed six. Sorry for not talking a lot today. I’m not in the mood. Hope ya’ll understand that but I wanted ya’ll to be a part of this. Shoutout to Ahmed behind the camera. [Thanks bro] For coming out and making it happen today. [There you go] I don’t need to push myself further than I need to, you know what I mean. It’s me verse me. Come on. You got to hype yourself up. You got to be your own hype man. My legs hurt, I don’t want to run, didn’t have to run. I could have been at home right now, chilling, eating food, but I knew no one was gonna run for me. So I had to come in here and do it. It’s hard yo. I can’t lie It’s not easy but I got to do it. You know? You always see people transform themselves but you never see the work that goes into it. It’s a lot of work and consistency. Day in and out. No one gonna sweat for you, but you. That’s really it. No one’s gonna sweat for you but you. We’re lions. Kats. We got this. About to hit a mile. 10 minutes I ain’t mad at it. Whoo. Hope you guys enjoyed this guys. Just like in the vlog life, just like in life, some days you’re gonna have really good gym days, some days you’re gonna have really bad gym days. The key is to never quit. The key is keep going. The key is, you fail you try again. There are some times I’ll be at the gym, I would tell myself I’m gonna run a mile. It gets the point 50, I press stop because my mind quit before my body did. You got to train your mind and your body will follow and then the next day I come back, I try again, and I’ll get the mile. Easy and I’ll be like, I can do two. Next day I come back, can only do point 40. Doesn’t matter. You do what you can at any given time and that’s what’s most important. You do how much you can to your abilities and you continue to push yourself forward and further. Little by little. Even if you’re taking tiny steps forward, you’re progressing and to progress, you’re gonna have to stop, you’re gonna have to fall. You might even have to regress but the key is to learn why you didn’t succeed the first time and do it again and succeed the second, third and fourth time. I can really reiterate the same stuff in every single video guys. because the basic stuff that you’re tired of hearing believe it or not, is the shit you need to be hearing. One time a kid commented on my Instagram and said, about my caption or something I said in a video and he said, man you always say this to yourself. I talked about how I fell and I was gonna get back up and I was like, yes, because what you’re failing to recognize is, selt-talk and self affirmation is not something you say to yourself once. Something you repeat to yourself every single day. So if I had told myself I’m gonna get back up and succeed just once, what happens the next time I fall? I stay down? Nah. I reiterate it and that’s what differentiates the champions from those who will never win, those who will never succeed, and those who will never shine and those people are not you and I because we’re champions and were born to shine and were born to succeed little by little. We’re a couple of days into the new year. Still haven’t figured out what I want to do in life, but every day I’m progressively getting closer to that goal. I’m figuring it out, I’m getting my mind right, getting my body right, taking time and eventually it’ll click and it’ll all make sense and that’s why the grind don’t stop, the tea stays green and the line stay roaring.


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