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– Hello, my darling friends. Welcome to Home,
your 30-day yoga journey. Today is Day 12. Today I’m gonna invite you to
bring a blanket to class if you have one, if not, no worries, because today we
focus on nurturing. Let’s get started. (upbeat gentle music) Alright, let’s begin
today’s session in a comfortable
seat of your choice. Come on down to the ground. You can lay your blanket out
like I have here or just keep it off to the side for now. We’re gonna sit up really tall. And take a deep breath in. And as you exhale, just
allow your shoulders to drop, really come into
the present moment here. Whatever you’re bringing to
the mat remember, it’s all good. Today’s practice is low to
the ground and super yummy. We’re gonna just kind of nurture
the body and the spirit even if you’ve had kind of a monkey
brain or if you’re feeling a little stressed, this is gonna
be an efficient practice to just kind of
smooth it all out and nurture whatever
is going on today. So this is what our
practice is all about. Let’s take
another deep breath in. And exhale,
relax your shoulders. It’s not about kind of sweeping
what’s going on under the rug so you can get your workout in. No, the yoga practice is unique in that way. Close your eyes
or soften your gaze. Take one more full
breath in and as you exhale, use that to relax
your shoulders down and just land in the moment. Land here in
your practice, own it. Excellent, then we’ll
bring the palms together, bow the head to the heart,
start to feel that stretch through the back of the neck. Thank you so
much for showing up. You guys are just so incredible. I can’t believe we are
actually doing this together, going on this journey. I never take it for
granted so awesome work. Enjoy today’s session.
Inhale in. Exhale, lift the head. We’re gonna come into a shape
here where you’re gonna want to draw your left heel in towards
your body and then you’re gonna shift your weight so that you
can take your right heel behind you and towards
your right glute. And if the hips are tight,
which they likely are, we might have a little trouble
dropping this hip down in socket but in time we will get there. So you can always take
your blanket and put it right underneath this
glute to support you here. So I’ve been kind
of playing around here, showing up for the at-home
yoga practice for a while so mine’s starting to drop here. We have this shape that’s
like I’m posing with Benji for like my volleyball photo. So find the shape and it should feel pretty snugly
in that right hip. Alright, then
we’re gonna inhale, reach up towards
the sky, big breath. Exhale, you’re going to draw
your navel in and up and you’re going to
twist to the left. Right hand comes to the
outer edge of the left knee. Left fingertips come
to support you behind. And then you’re gonna play
here with that right hip socket. You gonna move a
little in and out. Sit up nice and
tall as you breathe in. And then use your
exhale to release. We’re gonna do a counter-
twist now, be very gentle. Left hand comes now to the
outer edge of the right thigh, right fingertips behind. You’re gonna
collapse a little bit here. So we’ll use the inhale
to lift the heart as always. Find a lift with the breath in
and exhale twist maybe looking past your right shoulder. Wonderful, from here inhale in. Exhale to slowly release. Keep your right heel
coming in towards center. We’re gonna slowly, mindfully keep right toes active
as you move here. We’re gonna extend that right
leg and then we’re gonna shift our hips so that we
can face our right toes. Head to knee pose,
Janusirsansan or your version, let’s see what
happens here today. As we inhale, we’re going to
reach the fingertips up high. And I’d like to invite you to bend your right knee
as you lift up. Then think up and over. So low belly draws up and in
as you drape or work towards bringing your belly
towards the top of the thigh. That was redundant,
but you got it. Belly towards
the top of the thigh. And then from here you can
work to straighten the leg. This should feel nurturing. You’re wanting to be active and
attentive but this should feel kind of yummy so you don’t need
to slam your nose to the knee. We’re not taking, um,
I’m not gonna say that. Okay. So I’ll stop talking. Allow you to listen to
the sound of your breath here. Right knee can be as
generously as you need. You can interlace the
fingertips around the heel or keep them close
to your center. Relax. Wiggle your head,
listen to your breath. Take one more
cycle of breath here, in. Use your exhale to roll
up and out of the shape. Take a second here to
just notice how you feel. Soften through your right foot. And then let’s switch.
Right heel comes in. I think it’s a good little tip, I think it is a good idea, particularly if you’re
new to the practice, just keep your feet kind of
active and bright when you’re moving through different shapes. Helps protect the joint. It seems like
such a small thing, but trust me, it’s good.
It’s a good idea. So keep those toes
active as you bring your left heel
towards your left glue. We’re here. Benji, ready
for our volleyball photo? Just giving everyone a
second to get in the shape. And then just notice the
sensation on the left side. What is different there,
if anything? Okay. Here we go. Inhale, reaching all the way
up toward the sky, big breath. Lifting from the hip creases all
the way up through the side body and then gentle twist. Here we go, left hand to the
outer edge of the right knee. Right fingertips behind. Inhale to lift
and lengthen here. Exhale to twist. Moving the energy here that
runs up and down the spine. You got to bring the breath. Big inhale. Lengthen. Mhmmm. Exhale, slow release. Counter-twist. Paying attention
to that left hip. Right hand comes to the outer
edge of the left thigh or to your dog’s head if
you have one there. And then here we go. If you feel like you’re
collapsed in the spine, lift up from the sternum,
lengthen through the crown and then use your tools. Find that upward current of
energy through the front body and that downward current of
energy through the back body and see if that changes
your shape at all. So we’re working from
the inside out a nurturing, holistic practice here. Inhale in. Use your exhale
to slowly release. Alright, head to knee
pose on the other side. You’re gonna keep
your right heel in. Here we go. Let’s see how can
I navigate this. Darling angel, excuse me.
You mind if I come here? Extend your left leg out long. That’ll do. Excellent, and you’re
gonna turn your center and your heart to
face your left foot. Flex your left toes
towards your face. (giggles) And here we go. Inhale, reach
up towards the sky. Exhale, oh see
know I’m not, okay, let me be a better guide here. Inhale, reach
up towards the sky. Thank you for hanging with me,
bend your left knee. So especially if you’ve been
practicing for a long time, you’re going to want
to just like come here, boom. But let’s bend the left knee. Start with it lifted
and then drape over. And then from here is where
we can find the extension. This is just a little bit,
in my opinion, healthier. So we start to stretch through
like the belly of the muscles, for example,
the hamstring versus just where the muscles attach. Mhmmm, and then come on down
to your version of the shape. Come into this kind of private
little love cave here and listen to the
sound of your breath. Feel the skin of the back
stretch as you breathe in. And the belly,
soften as you breathe out. Soften the skin of the forehead,
relax tongue in your mouth, soften the jaw. This posture, this asana
providing the nurturing effect to the nervous system. But you have to
bring the breath. You got it. Inhale in. Exhale, slowly
begin to roll it back up. Pause. Soften through that foot. Let everything go
here for a second. Just notice how you feel. And then we’ll release that. I’m gonna come now to
Cobbler’s Pose, Baddha Konasan. So now both heels
are gonna come in. This is a great shape to
consider lifting the hips so we can roll up the blanket,
fold up a blanket, excuse me, sit up tall. Just give yourself
a little more space to find length up
through the spine. Then we’ll start by grabbing the
ankles and drawing the shoulder blades in together
and down the back body. We’ve been doing
this whole journey, so apply, apply here. Tops of the
thighs get really heavy. And we find this
lift up through the front. And then kind of lean back
here as you find this grounding energy through the back body. Great, inhale in. Exhale, bend the elbows, pull
them back as if you’re like in Chaturanga here and
we’re gonna slowly look forward looking
into our reflection. I always joke this is
like that Zoolander moment. Like, “Who am I?” And then we can move
the hands now to the toes. If you’re practicing
in a chilly environment, maybe you can
warm your toes up here. Bend your elbows
now left to right. And then play here,
inhaling to find extension, maybe exhaling to
fold in toward home, in towards yourself,
your center. Listen to the
sound of your breath. And trust, trust the practice. Trust that it’s working. Trust that you are
being led to the right place. Bring your breath. Now, you’re gonna
want to come out here. I’d lovingly invite you to stay. Stay awhile. Three more cycles of breath. Count ’em out. Move from your middle,
draw your navel in. Find center and
then roll up from there. Baddha Konasana, Cobbler’s
Pose, sit up nice and tall. Inhale in. And exhale to release.
Awesome work. So check it out, before we
get into their cozy wozies, I don’t know if I’ve
ever said that in my life, okay, great. Say it in front of millions of
people, Adriene. (chuckles) I want to bring
you into a Boat Pose. What? This is
supposed to be nurturing. But can we find, we’re
not gonna do High Boat, Low Boat, but can we
find a little core connecting? Can we bring this
kind of yummy layer of our theme into it? So you can even claps opposite
wrist with the hand here as you lean back and
let it be supportive? Or if you’re like,
“Perfect. I liked this practice, “but I just need a
little fire in my belly,” great, take it here. Last option would
be to grab the shins, extend one leg. Then bend and extend the other. Maybe you extend both, find that
sense of calm in this Navasan, this Boat shape. Or work to find it, right?
It could be here. “No problem, Adriene, I got it.” Or here. Then find your
breath wherever you are. And see if you can take
three cycles of breath here. And then slowly release. Grab your blanket. Alright little, little Benji. You’re going to
take your blanket. Oh, wow. I know. We can share it and we’re gonna
bring the blanket to either cover your whole body or you can
bring it to just wrap your feet. You’re just gonna get
into a little burrito pose. The kids love burrito pose
or like the kid in all of us. So wrap up like
a little burrito. Looks like I have a breathing
bolster here to lay my head on. If you don’t have
a breathing bolster, highly recommended, but you have to
take care of them. Okay. (chuckles) Here I go. Okay, excellent. Come on down to the ground. And we want to get comfy here. You can interlace
the fingertips. Bring the hands
behind the head, elbows wide. Maybe cactus arms. Maybe fingertips
softly interlace on the belly or if you want
to come into a traditional, sorry I got so relaxed
(laughs), traditional Shavasan, just allow your hands to
rest gently at your sides. And then close your eyes. And think about the
things you would like to be held in. Think about the things,
if anything, that you would
like to be blanketed in. Support. Creativity. Love. Sense of
camaraderie or community. Think of the things that you
would like to nurture and be nurtured in. And let’s use this time
on the mat to once again close the gap between
the things that we want, that we want to attract and what we are experiencing in our everyday quality of life. If any of that resonates,
wonderful. If not, don’t you
worry about a thing. Just take a deep breath in. And everyone use an exhale to
relax the weight of your body completely and
fully into the earth. Please do not underestimate the
power of just a few moments of stillness here
consciously breathing. Talk about a
moment of self care. There’s so many
of you out there I know are caretakers. Some of you really
intense and beautiful, almost heroic caretakers. So take just a
moment here longer to blanket yourself in love and
support and care. Fill your cup.
You don’t have to do anything. Just receive. Just allow. Bring your
awareness to your breath. As you’re ready, begin to
wiggle the fingers, the toes. You know you can
always pause this video, just reach, hit the button and then come back into the shape
if you want to be here longer. We’re gonna
slowly bend the knees, turn to one side, any side, and we’re gonna
press up to seated. And you can take your blanket and bring it around you. And if you don’t
have a blanket, don’t worry, you can just use,
take the metaphor, right? And run with it, baby.
(chuckles) Of blanketing yourself in love and support. Let’s bring the palms together. You’re gonna start to
move the palms back and forth, creating a little friction,
a little heat, a little energy. Then get a little faster. Close your eyes and
get a little faster, a little faster, a little faster
and even faster and then we’ll bring the hands
right to the chest, right to the heart and just feel
the warmth of your palms there. Close your eyes again. If you haven’t already,
tuck the chin just slightly. So some days we’re
gonna be asked to sweat here, to work hard, but may today’s
practice remind you that each time we
show up on the mat, particularly with at-home yoga,
we have an opportunity to welcome in this
sense of being nurtured, of being met, of being supported, held, blanketed in love, divine. That’s a shout out to the
Carter Family tune called, “Anchored In Love Devine”. Alright, bring
the palms together, thumbs up towards the third eye. You guys are doing awesome. Such an honor and a pleasure
to be on this ride with you. I look forward to
seeing you tomorrow. Let’s inhale in deeply. And exhale, deep bow today,
all the way to the earth. Namaste. (upbeat gentle music)


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