HONOR BAND 5 Smart Fitness Watch / AMOLED / 5ATM / UNDER £30 – Any Good?

What’s up guys Chigz here from Chigz Tech Reviews. So today I’ve got my hands on the latest Honor Band 5. Now this is a brand new affordable feature-packed fitness tracker by Honor. Priced under $35 so first of all inside the box you will find a user manual a USB charging
cable and last but certainly not least the honor band 5 itself now the watch
body is made completely from plastic finished in black and on the front you
do have a 0.9 5 inch AMOLED display with a screen resolution of 120 by 240 and
it’s also a very responsive touch screen furthermore you do have bluetooth 4.2 a
custom basic OS which is compatible with both your Android and iOS smartphones
along with a hundred milli amp hour battery which promises a whopping 14 day
battery life and this watch is 5 ATM water-resistant which means you can go
swimming with this watch on now you do have silicone TPU straps finished in
black and the watch itself feels quite comfortable on the wrist it’s very light
coming in at only 22.7 grams and it doesn’t feel bulky at all now there are
no buttons on either side of this watch you control everything from the touch
screen and I have to say the touch screen is very very responsive and a
pleasure to use now at the bottom we do have a heart rate sensor and your
charger pins and I’ll quickly show you how the charger works this charger
simply clips on and it can only go in one way so if you’re trying to it the
wrong way it won’t work so you turn it around and you just clip it on and that’s it it can only go on one way so
now that’s ready to charge plug that into any USB source it takes around 95
minutes to fully charge this watch but it will last you an incredible 14 days
so another thing I must add is you cannot remove the straps the straps are
totally fixed in place and you don’t have to remove the strap in order to
charge the device charging it is quite straightforward furthermore this watch
has no Wi-Fi no GPS no NFC this watch works only with bluetooth and it does
support both Android and iOS devices and you do have Bluetooth version 4.2 so
this is basically a fitness SmartWatch and the functions of this watch are
all-day activity tracking with calorie and distance information you have
notifications and alarms sleep monitoring and lots more
now notifications are read-only so your message is whatsapp and emails will all
come through and you can read them but you just can’t reply on the watch now
let’s have a closer look at the watch so here is your default watch face it will
give you your time in the weather at the top left I’ll show you some of the
functions if we swipe up you’ve got your step counter and if you tap on it it
will give you more information on your steps including calories burnt distance
traveled etc so if we go back swipe up again you’ve got your heartrate monitor
if we keep going you’ve got your SP zero too now if we
keep going you’ve got your sleep record so last
night I slept for six hours and 13 minutes you’ve got workouts and if you
click on workouts it will give you a choice of a whole load of workouts that
you can immediately start so imagine you wanted to do some indoor cycling if you
tap on indoor cycle okay so the workouts going to begin now we started an indoor
cycling workout so it will constantly check your heart rate it will time your
exercise and when you’ve finished your workout you keep the center pressed and
then you’ll have a choice to resume or stop so we’re gonna stop the workout and
and that is it the workout is now ended and that will be recorded on your phone
so that’s your workouts if we keep going you’ve got messages if we keep going
you’ve got more if you click on that you’ve got a timer so you can set a
timer you’ve got a stopwatch you’ve got phases so these are different
watch faces you’ve got find phone that’s my phone buzzing now because I pressed a
firing phone you’ve got your brightness now what’s interesting is the brightness
level I’ve only got this on to and the brightness is is still quite high this
is level one I just want to show you look at that people level three
and we’re just going to go straight to max and that’s maximum brightness as you
can see it’s an absolute gorgeous display and then under system you have
options to reset restart power off and your about information this is your
default watch face and from the smartphone app which is huar way health
app I could not find any way to change the watch face to change your watch face
you’ve got to do it manually so swipe down go to more and over here you will
see faces and here you will find a whole collection of different watch faces that
you can immediately change to and I will now show you the selection of watch face
is available on this watch right now so now we’re going to test out screen on
hand-raising I have three watches on my wrist this
one is the honorbound five Apple watch in the middle and the Xiaomi me band
four is on the right now I have a habit of comparing things so I’m sorry I just
have to compare the screen on hand-raising so here we go that felt
like exactly the same time let’s try it again
that one was too close okay Apple watch honor and then shall me try
again Apple watch honor then Xiaomi stir it
again same Apple watch honor and Xiaomi so I am pleased to say that the honor
band five will give you a very fast screen on hand-raising and whilst I do
have all three watches on my wrist we may as well try running a heartrate test
so we are running a heartrate test on all three watches at the same time I
just rearranged them this one is the Xiaomi band for the honor band five is
in the middle and of course the Apple watch at the end so all three have given
us very similar results it looks like the honor band five has given us the
closest result to the Apple watch so I’m pleased to say that the honor band 5 has
a very accurate heart rate sensor built in ok so we are going to have a quick
look at the software so when you first open the app you will see your name at
the top you will see the connection status and the steps you have taken so
far with your calories distance and climbing now if we click on that actual
step counter you will you’ll be given more information on a day week and month
basis so if we go to week so you can see my yesterday’s steps were two thousand
eight hundred and ninety seven daily average and it can even detect what you
did walking running or climbing so a hundred percent of mine was suggest
walking now you can also see monthly and yearly quite detailed information about
step counter you’ve got your weight information you can start workouts over
here and then you have your resting heart rate information if you click on
it you can be given detailed information day week month and year now the feature
that I really like about this watch is who are we sleep
so it says sleep at night 6.2 hours and gives you a quality rating of your
sleep as well if you click on this it’ll give you some detailed again day month
year now it says you only slept for six hours thirteen minutes last night which
is a little short and it will give you some advice etc on how to get better
sleep now if we break down my sleep it says one hour 38 minutes of deep sleep
two hours of light two hours fifty-five minutes was light sleep and it even
tells you how many times you woke up at night so I apparently woke up twice so I
woke up twice and it gives you information on how to prevent waking up
etc so I really like that so detailed sleep tracking and advice on how to
improve now you’ve got discover where you can discover different workouts
fitness plans and training plans and over here you’ve got devices and it will
list down all your devices so we have the honor band five click on it and
you’ll be able to enable and disable various different features I’ll quickly
go through them you’ve got huar way true sleep which I love activity reminder
continuous heart rate monitoring heart rate limit interval and warnings
function customization you’ve got alarms do not disturb notifications which I
will click to show you that messages whatsapp Facebook Twitter all of these
messages can be passed through to the watch now you’ve got weather reports
Bluetooth disconnection reminder raise wrist to wake the screen you can rotate
the screen firmware updates and you can restore factory default settings so that
is basically the software I really do like it it’s simplified it’s easy to use
but if you require detailed information it’s there for you to access so there
you have it guys and that was the honorbound five and I have to say it’s a
superb Fitness watch for the price you have a bright and responsive AMOLED
touchscreen along with a very good heart rate sensor step counter automatic
activity detection sleep detection you’ve got changeable watch faces and if
that’s not enough you also get five ATM water resistance so you can take the
swimming with you with no problems at all and I have to say this watch is a
direct challenger to the Xiaomi band fall and if you do want to see a
complete comparison between these two then hit the like button and leave a
comment to let me know and I’ll certainly get it done for you guys
and with that being said I will leave the links in the description so you guys
can check this product out meanwhile thank you so much for watching and I
hope you all had a pretty good day I’ll see you guys in the next one

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