How Can I Get Life Insurance with a Medical Condition? | Quotacy Q&A Fridays

Welcome to Quotacy’s Q&A Friday where we answer your life insurance questions. Quotacy is an online life insurance broker where you can get life insurance on your terms. I’m Jeanna And I’m Natasha It’s Halloween month. So we’ve invited Frankie to join us today. As you can see Frankie has a few issues going on. It’s what happens when you’re put together using various people’s body parts. Maybe you can relate to one or two of the medical problems Frankie has. We don’t want to scare you, even if it is Halloween, but having a medical condition may mean your life insurance premiums will be higher than that of the average person. But good news! Quotacy works with many top rated life insurance companies to try and get as many people life insurance as possible. Even if you have a medical issue. Today we’ll explain how your Quotacy agent goes to bat for you. When you apply for life insurance online through Quotacy you can see initial quotes instantly without even giving any contact information. This allows you to window-shop in peace without being afraid your phone will blow up with tons of calls from people trying to aggressively push life insurance on you. We all know life insurance is important, but we don’t want to harass you about it. Once you run some quotes and find the policy you like you can apply right online. The online application portion takes less than 10 minutes to complete leaving you lots of time to sneak some of your kid’s Halloween candy. There’s a section of the online application where you check if you have any health issues. If you check Yes to any of these your Quotacy agent will double check that the insurance company you originally chose is the best option for you. Not all life insurance companies evaluate medical conditions in the same way. Basically, your Quotacy agent will put together an anonymous summary of your application information and send it out to the insurance companies we work with. The insurance companies then respond letting your agent know what risk class they’re likely to assign you to. This risk class determines what you’d have to pay if you decided to apply to that company. If there is an insurance company that will treat your condition more favorably than the one you originally chose your agent will give you the option to make a switch before officially submitting your application. Quotacy has access to over 25 of the nation’s top rated life insurance companies and because we’re an independent broker we aren’t legally bound to any one company. In other words, we advocate for you, not the insurance companies. Your Quotacy agent is paid a salary, not working on commission. So not only are we not going to push you towards one insurance company over another we’re also not going to try and push you into buying more coverage than you need. Quotacy’s mission is for everyone who has a loved one who depends on them to have life insurance. Whether it’s one million dollars of coverage or a $100,000 policy Quotacy is here to help you get life insurance to protect your little monsters. Apply for life insurance now. Your age and the severity of your health condition will affect your policy options. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions about life insurance, make sure to leave us a comment. And if you have any questions regarding today’s topic, check out the blog link posted below. And if you’re ready to get quotes, check out We’re here to help you find the best deal on the life insurance you want. Bye! Happy Halloween! Thanks for sticking around. We’d appreciate it if you Liked the video and hit that fancy little Subscribe button to see us every week. Bye!

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