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Hello everyone! Uh..I haven’t filmed any of my videos in Korean It feels a little weird…hehe Well this is the second time I’m filming in front of the camera So even if I’m a little awkward please bare with me lol And let’s start, shall we?! Today’s video is a workout video! So this video was not only requested by a lot of English speaking subscribers, but also my Korean speaking subscribers! Just in general there were a lot of you that asked for this video However, because it’s not like I am a personal trainer, have certifications, or have worked out for a long time… I felt very intimidated to share my routines BUT since I’m so grateful for the fact that you guys gave me an opportunity to share, I’m going to talk about what I eat, how I workout, why I started to workout, etc. I really hope you guys enjoy this video ❤️ Did you always like working out? To be honest, when since I was little, I did ballet taekwaondo, what else..oh and swimming that I’ve always been so active and enjoyed sports But when I was first introduced to fitness was when I was in high school in the states, there was a strength training class And I had to get PE credits but did not want to learn it by books so I chose to take strength training class In that class, they taught how to get bigger, and the right forms and stuff that it was pretty much a fitness class So doing that I grew my interest even more Also my host family went to the gym quite often so I went with my host sister or host mom and got free trainings and got free personal training sessions and realized how fun it was! I’ve also been a girl that wanted toned and fit body that I naturally fell in love with it So I guess I’ve been building up my knowledge of fitness from here and there But honestly, I’ve never worked out this persistently I always just worked out for like 2 weeks or so and thought I got slimmer Never in my life worked out the way I currently do I started to workout this regularly back in October ‘16 (This is the picture I took on the first day lol) It’s October now so it’s been exactly 2 years! So ever since then, I’ve been working out at least 3 times a week Was there a reason you started? So the reason I started: When I was in high school, I had a very bad back but because it was nothing too serious I didn’t really get any treatments Then after graduating high school and college, I went back to Korea (it was January ’16) and that’s when I was started to have severe pains in my back that I couldn’t even walk even for 1 minute So my mom found the right doctor for me and I was literally reborn
(It was chiropractic-ish + acupuncture) I found out that it was more my hips than my back that was the problem So after I was treated completely, I thought , I should probably keep my hips and back how they are after getting treated I just really didn’t want to feel the same pain again that I wanted to keep my body healthy! So that’s what got me going till now! My Experience of Body Profile Photoshoot One of the things I wanted to share with you guys was Because I worked out regularly, I had noticed that my body was getting toned meaning, I had never experienced that toned body in my life! Since I was noticing it, I told myself “if I’m going to workout this hard, might as well leave some photos of my body I told myself “if I’m going to workout this hard, might as well leave some photos of my body!” So I got some help from people around me with dieting and workouts To give you the time frame, I started to workout in October of 2016, started the diet for the photoshoot in July of 2017, and took the photos in mid-September So I was on a diet in July, August, and till early September, and it was something that I had never done in my life Because I had been told by a lot of trainers that nutrition is way more important than just working out, I knew how important it was But neither did I know how to, it just never occurred me to do it until I started it in July of 2017
(That’s the photo of the first day I started) It was the most difficult thing I had ever experienced….LOL Well now that I think back………….. It wasn’t so……. No no no…never mind. It was super tough I was going to say if I now look back, it wasn’t so bad but no I almost lied You have no idea how much I cried LOL And I’m definitely a foodie I have so many cravings all the time So imagine how much food I had to resist myself from My mom was so shocked by the fact that I didn’t even cheat Like seriously other than on the days where I was allowed to eat,
I didn’t cheat at all Not even a small piece of chicken wing that my mom said I won’t die even if I eat it Of course I won’t die! It was not the matter of living or dying lol I was so strict to myself that I didn’t even go on a vacation with my family So this is what I wanted to tell you before I get started, If you determine to lose weight, You REALLLLLY have to push yourself and keep your promise with yourself And honestly, I didn’t do it all by myself because I got some help from people around me So I think that’s why it was possible for me personally But that doesn’t mean you should say “but you had someone!” to me Since this is such a difficult thing to do, because I didn’t even know either, I am sitting here to become that “someone” for you hehe So I’m hoping that this video will benefit everyone ❤️ How do you prepare your meal? I honestly learned my diet from someone else too so I’ll just share whatever I learned with you! So first thing’s first…I don’t eat clean meals that often And when I say “clean meals” I mean 200g (7 oz) of chicken breasts, 100 g (3.5 oz) of baked sweet potato – half the size of my palm, 6 or 7 almonds, and 8 or 9 cherry tomatoes, or 2/3 of a bell pepper So when you cut a bell pepper in 3, then 2 pieces? You can eat this everyday but I just eat this meal only for dinner and I’m not gonna lie I just started to cook this meal for dinner lol I just couldn’t eat it for all meals of the day.. I usually eat my dinner at around 9? So I just eat it as my last meal of the day For breakfast, I ALWAYS start with an apple After brushing my teeth, I then drink water, and then eat an apple so that the nutrition absorbs better in the stomach I learned that it’s better to start off your morning with some clean food so I eat the apple first, and then I eat some greek yogurt Greek yogurt is apparently protein so I eat that after my apple And there’s usually low-fat or non-fat milk greek yogurts so I just go back and forth between the two
(no big reason for this, just cutting the fat a little) Also carbs are usually in the greek yogurt because of the flavored jams they have in there so I fill my carb needs with that There’s about 12g of protein in one yogurt? I always get Chobani, it’s usually about $1 !!! So all of this is my breakfast in sum My work hours are 8-5 so I usually have my breakfast at 9 when I get to the office For lunch, I just eat whatever I’d like I sometimes eat hamburger, or pizza because I love good burgers and pizzas! And there’s a cafeteria on the floor above our office so I just get wraps with whole wheat wrap, and for protein I get something like roasted beef or grilled chicken so that I get some clean proteins Vegies I just put tomatoes, lettuce, or spinach For sauce, it’s ok to choose any sauce you want! So I either eat like this, or I get a sandwich Although bread (flour) is not the healthiest but we need carbs too and plus it’s just good lol For lunch, just really you can eat whatever you want! As long as it’s not something fried? I really suggest you avoiding any fried food… because the calories on fried food are terrible! Personally, my stomach is not tolerant to fried food ever since I went on that diet for the photoshoot, I can’t have anything that’s too deep fried I now always get a stomach issue the next day
if I eat something fried or food that has a lot of flour… Anyways, you can eat lunch like I told you Meal wise, I eat 4 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, pre workout meal (usually right after I get off work at 5) and post-workout meal (after drinking protein shake) For pre-workout meal though, it’s not really a meal, it’s just a protein bar with a banana I heard it’s good to consume this before working out OR if I get some leftover from lunch, I just eat that as a pre-workout meal And I learned that it’s good to workout after an hour since you ate because you have to digest! Things You Should Know About Diet To pin point the important part of diet, The whole point of this clean meal plan is consuming the most balanced meal
that consists of protein, carbs, fat, and minerals + vitamins For example, if you were to have some fried chicken, chicken would be your protein, animal protein sources But although it is protein, It is “fried” and when something is fried, calories will SPIKE UP because of the oil (Oil is fat!) So that’s why fried chickens make you gain weight Anyhow, just because you had some fried chicken, that doesn’t mean your protein for the meal Which comes down to the second point of this whole dieting / meal plan, eating CLEAN so that you lower the calories as much as possible
to lose your body fat, not just weight And there are couple mistakes that a lot of people make when it comes to losing weight One of them is that people think if they starve, they’ll lose weight There are a lot of people who believe that if they starve for one day, they’ll get flat stomachs I mean of course you get a flat stomach! It’s because you had nothing to eat But the first reason starving is bad for you is I think I learned this from back in high school So if you starve, I guess your body tries to cover with the sugar
that you already have it stored in your body And pretty much your body is using something from its storage But since your body is using something that should be stored, if you use up that energy, your body gets super unhealthy and boney which means even if you lose weight (just the numbers) you won’t look healthy or fit
So I’m STRONGLY against starving And skipping meals is soooo temporary Like when you have to cut down a little bit of belly, but really it’s not even “losing” weight,
it’s just getting a flat stomach just because you didn’t eat Starving is obviously NOT good for your body It does not last And if you starve, you’re guaranteed to binge eat because you just starved yourself I mean how do you survive without eating even for a day So some of the people around me say that they are on 1 meal per day plan and that they binge eat whenever they do But really nothing’s fun and effective when you do everything at once studying for tests too, I mean you all know that cramming everything at once just never works out So you just have to think it the same way There’s a reason we have to eat multiple times a day, DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF! So then how do I lose weight without having to skip meals? There are people that say I gain weight just by drinking water… I’ve heard it so many times…I even heard it from my friends You can’t gain weight from only drinking water..! Stomach feels full because of water but it’s 0 calorie And water is an important substance that we need for our bodies So again, there’s no way you can gain weight by drinking water I actually heard it from athletes too! They said it’s probably not just water the person had, he/she probably had something with it lol and that he/she is not telling lol For example, anyone can be like
“eh it’s just a piece of chocolate,” “eh it’s just a piece of whatever” Like this that the weight gain would probably be from all the snacks that accumulated,
not water… You should drink a lot of water so that you can excrete a lot of waste from your body! I personally drink a lot more coffee than water which is a problem… But that doesn’t mean you guys shouldn’t either!
Drink lots of water!!! And then there are people who say I don’t eat much but I gain so much weight Well it is actually possible for some people to gain more weight compare to how much they eat and it’s because they digest food very slowly so they don’t have to eat that often throughout the day since they remain full longer The reason is they have very low metabolism that they can just eat every 4-5 hours which means they are not burning that much calories And if you start working out, your metabolism goes up meaning, if you workout, you gain muscles and maintaining those muscles cost calories for your body so if you workout, your body is burning more calories, which leads to a faster metabolism In my case, if I eat something, It depends on the amount, but I can eat every 2-3 hours LOL I can eat…a lot ….uh Yeah I eat a lot hahahaha But before though I couldn’t eat like I do now I used to just crave a lot of food but couldn’t eat as much as I do But once I started to workout, I could eat wayyy more and got hungry so easily And like I said that is because my body burns calories to maintain my body state
that you have to intake more calories to back that up And apparently unless you’re like a body builder who has tonsss of muscles, you won’t lose muscles just because you didn’t eat a lot? But if you’d like to keep what you have or gained, you have to consume well-balanced meal of fat, carbs, and protein Especially for muscles you have to consume protein You don’t have to eat A LOT but just the proper amount will be fine! If you have anymore questions on this topic, leave comments down below! I always whine about how there are not that many comments…. 😭 So if you leave any comments, I’ll leave thorough and well-written replies 😘 How many times do you workout in a week? I usually workout on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays … This is ideal… But honestly, out of two days of the weekend, you want to rest one of the days right.. So if I don’t workout on Saturday, I workout on Sunday and vice versa Or even if I worked out on Saturday but still feel like working out on Sunday then I go So I workout 4 to 5 times a week But some of you might say 4-5 times a week is too much or not enough To me it works out perfectly because I have a full-time job, and videos to edit and upload so I feel like I need those days off On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, I go to the gym no matter what! Actually on Saturdays as well so
Mondays, Tuesdays Thursdays, and Saturdays, I always workout Well Saturday or Sunday So the answer is 4-5 times a week! First off, when I go to the gym, I spend about 1.5 to 2 hours 2 hours is when I do a little more cardio, I tend to stay longer and usually I only do 10 to 15 minutes of cardio so if that’s the case then my workout takes about 1.5 hours And on Mondays, I workout my core muscles and my legs, or my lower body parts What I’ve been told was, we all are guilty of eating bad over weekend, right? 😛 So you want to burn most of those calories that you want to workout your big muscles on Monday such as quads, gluts, and hamstrings And the reason I workout my core muscles is I consider Monday as the first day of the week so I personally think that it’s important to have strong core muscles in the beginning of the week so that the rest of the workouts you do that week get better results On Tuesdays, I workout my back and biceps On Wednesdays, I take a break and the reason is Out of five weekdays, Wednesday is right in the middle …I guess it only makes sense to me LOL On Thursdays, I workout my chest and triceps There might be few of you ask if girls have to workout chest too because you might be worried about losing boobs.. The reason you should is because of this part right here the fat you have right outside of your armpit If you’d like to lose this part, you want to do some chest workouts! I personally do it solely because of this part your chest muscle is formed like this and for that part the workouts usually consist of pushing up towards the ceiling LOL so annoyed Anyways, since you’re pushing with this part of the muscle, that area should be toned out So Thursdays: chest and triceps But because my triceps are my weak point, I put the focus on my triceps more than my chest For example, if I do 2 chest workouts, I’d do 3 tricep workouts That’s that and On Fridays, I don’t just cause it’s Friday hehe And on Saturdays, I go back to my lower body because I want to make my legs more toned and slim I workout my legs twice a week Especially because of my legs and my butt! So if you do leg workouts, it’s going to affect your gluts but you can do workouts just for your gluts as well Therefore if I focus more on legs and my cores on Monday leg days, I focus on my gluts on Saturday leg days So when I squat I do it so that I feel it more on my gluts Shoulders I just do them on Monday leg days since on Mondays it’s mostly leg workouts On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, there are two body parts that I am working out like back and biceps, chest and triceps that I can rest one body part while I do the other body part So on Monday while I rest my legs I do either triceps, because I think it’s effective to workout the weak part twice a week, or my shoulders At first I thought I didn’t really need to do shoulder workouts, but they are so important for girls as well BECAUSE if you have broad shoulders and back, that’s how you get that inverted triangle upper body (LOL is this a Korean thing?) I realized that the inverted triangle upper body wasn’t important just for men It is important for women as well Shoulders, back, waist, and your hips Like an hourglass shaped body figure I personally prefer curvy body type, which is the body type I aim for from working out Abs! You have to do them everyday Like everyday, everyday lol There are different types of ab workouts but unless you actually use your abs, it’s hard to see the results There are a lot of people who hurt their backs by doing ab workouts! So I don’t overdo abs I just do them because I have to lol The reason is.. Ab workouts are not the ones that will get rid of your belly fat Belly fat is solely on diet and nutrition Your belly will disappear only if you eat clean and less not from doing 100 reps of ab workouts… I know this because I learned from the trainer + my personal experience Everyone has abs obviously but it’s just the matter of how big or small they are So if you do ab workouts, once you lose body fat, you’re going to have distinct abs If you don’t then you just won’t have as distinct abs I personally do ab workouts just because I should lol I just feel guilty if I don’t since I’m already at the gym! Lol And if I don’t end it with an ab workout it feels like I’m not done yet If there’s anything I forgot to mention, like I said just comment below and I will answer with all my heart 😉 Finally I’m going to show you guys my workout video! This is my Monday workout routine I’m going to show you guys in the order of I do every Monday after this I’ll also show you guys my Tuesday (back & biceps) routine, my Thursday (chest & triceps) routine, and my Saturday (butt) routine as well so stay tuned! And I really hope this video will be helpful for you guys… I’m just going to clarify that it’s not like I do this for a living, I’m just sharing what I’m doing everyday that I have experienced and saw the results for myself And my information could be inaccurate or slightly off, but it’s something that was effective for myself and I’m just sharing that with you all And please be aware that I will answer any of your questions if it’s within the scope of my knowledge So now let’s jump into my Monday routine ☺️ AND my next video will be my Miami vlog 🌴 THANK YOU SO MUCH for watching this lonnng video I’ll see you in my next video 💋 I usually do it for 12-15 minutes! If you stick out your butt out, have your feet point outward,
and step on the stair with your heels, you’ll feel more in your gluts! Stretching before the workout I’m not mad lol Kettlebell Deadlift
3 sets of 20 reps Keep your feet aligned straight Stick you r hips back Put your weight on your heels Kettlebell Squat
3 sets of 20 reps Point your toes outward Your knees should also face outward Your weight is on your heels Preloaded Bar Deadlift
3 sets of 20 reps Feet shoulder width apart Squeeeeez them butt! Your weight is on your heels Front and Lateral Raises
3 sets of 20 reps Barbell Wide Squat
3 sets of 20 reps Feet wider than shoulder width apart
Toes pointing outward Squeeeeeze Knee Tucks
3 sets of 20-30 reps If you twist the legs, you’ll feel it in your obliques If you touch your toes, it makes your balance, which workouts your abs more

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